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Mission: Impossible II (2000)

Action / Thriller | 123 minutes
2,87 2.511 votes

Genre: Action / Thriller

Duration: 123 minuten

Alternative titles: Mission: Impossible 2 / M:I-2

Country: United States / Germany

Directed by: John Woo

Stars: Tom Cruise, Thandiwe Newton and Dougray Scott

IMDb score: 6,1 (343.761)

Releasedate: 24 May 2000

Mission: Impossible II plot

"Expect the impossible again."

Agent Ethan takes on his former brother-in-arms Sean Ambrose, a man who learned everything from him but has now become his nemesis. Both men prey on a genetically engineered virus called 'Chimera'. It can kill an entire city in less than 24 hours. Ambrose stole the antidote from the inventor and thus has already scored a first point. All that remains for him is to get his hands on the deadly strain, grown in a top-secret lab in Sidney, to become one of the world's richest and most dangerous people. To curb Ambrose, Ethan calls on the criminal's ex, Nyah Hall, a gorgeous thief...

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avatar van Alathir


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Clearly different from part 1. There wasn't that romantic in part 1, but a bit of a femme fatale, although I don't think Thandie Newton is a femme fatale here. The typical noir elements of De Palma as well as the directing style is completely different. Woo also seems to be copying himself a bit with those removable masks it seems like Face Off 2. It has some crazy scenes like Cruise hanging from the rocks. That was quite far-fetched, but something like that remains. The first film had a more interesting plot and was perhaps a bit more complicated. I had seen this movie before, but I only knew that after watching it. Wondering if I've seen part 3.

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avatar van mrklm


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This time, Ethan Hunt is tasked with discovering who is responsible for Dr. Nekhorvich [Rade Serbedzija], a scientist who carried the deadly Chamera Virus. For that, he has to recruit Nyah Hall [Thandiwe Newton]. Ethan climbs a mountainside without protection and turns out to be a great acrobat who knows how to make a witty comment even in the most dire circumstances. An ego trip for Cruise and a style exercise for John Woo, whose camera never seems to want to stand still. But all that tough macho behavior and visual splendor only underlines the emptiness of the story, making it never exciting.

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avatar van filmfan0511


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After a long hiatus, I'm finally getting back to watching the Mission: Impossible series. I found the first film to be very solid and fun, which was mainly due to the excellent direction by De Palma. He did manage to pull off some expertly constructed, exciting sequences, something that is unfortunately clearly missing in this second part. John Woo is a really bad action director in my opinion; it's mainly his style that doesn't suit me. So hyper-kinetic, busy, unclear. The choreography of the fight scenes is also just poorly executed. Those slow motions, wow. It's like watching an MTV clip from the early 2000s. Then you have the wind against you as an action film, of course. Not everything in this area is bad of course, but especially in the ending the film derails completely. The melodramatic music on top of that, the zoom-ins on that oh-so-heroic Tom Cruise… it doesn't work at all. For now, I don't think Ethan Hunt is such a fascinating character, although I suspect that will come in the following parts. His teammates are also somewhat forgettable.

The plot itself isn't that bad, though. A fairly simple story that is not unnecessarily complicated, which is refreshing in a spy movie. Little to no tiring twists. With just under 2 hours it also stays comfortably within the lines in terms of playing time, and Woo knows how to make a fast and smooth whole. With better action choreography, maybe a small enough would have flowed out here. Maybe, because anyway there wasn't a single exciting top sequence like in part 1. Both parts feel like very different films anyway, so I'm curious to see which way the third part (and the rest of the series) will go. I do have higher expectations for those movies.


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