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Which major character was almost killed off in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2?

  • 14:57 Yesterday

The 10 best Leonardo DiCaprio movies of all time

  • 12:11 Yesterday

Writer strike: How is the writer's strike impacting comic book movies?

  • 12:00 Yesterday

Eddie Murphy keen to return as Donkey in a Shrek spin-off

  • 10:57 Yesterday

Bond candidate Sam Heughan doesn't believe he was ready to be 007

  • 10:31 Yesterday

Across the Spider-verse director: 'Fans don't have superhero movie fatigue, they have same movie fatigue'

  • 09:34 Yesterday

Donald Glover talking to Disney about Star Wars return

  • 08:40 Yesterday

Arnie reflects on seeing ripped Linda Hamilton for T2: 'That son of a bitch is f***ing more cut than me!'

  • 15:18 Wednesday

What companies are owned by Disney?

  • 14:43 Wednesday

Why has 'New World Order' been scrapped from Captain America 4 title?

  • 13:13 Wednesday

One major front-runner emerges to be the next James Bond

  • 12:41 Wednesday

Tom Cruise planning next project after Mission Impossible

  • 11:42 Wednesday

Chris Hemsworth was sick of Thor before reinventing the character

  • 11:24 Wednesday

Chris Hemsworth left depressed by Tarantino and Scorsese's Marvel hate

  • 10:18 Wednesday

Idris Elba believes Luther is more relatable than Bond

  • 09:29 Wednesday

Bob Odenkirk not cut out for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • 09:05 Wednesday

Melissa Barrera wants to see a darker version of Sam in Scream 7

  • 15:52 Tuesday

ChatGPT was used to write a Black Mirror episode, but it was 'sh*t', confirms Charlie Brooker

  • 14:58 Tuesday

Who is directing DC's new Superman movie?

  • 13:00 Tuesday

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