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About Us

Establishment and growth

In 2000 Jordy de Jong set up the website 'Jordy's Movie Meter', a reference to 'Mioch's Movie Meter', which is a rating system that famed Dutch television personality and critic Rene Mioch used in his programs. De Jong, as a movie fanatic, posted his reviews on the site after each and every visit to the cinema for a new release. In the same year, the functionality of the website was expanded so that visitors could also generate movie information themselves and the name was changed to MovieMeter.

Over the years, the website has become a household name in the world of TV shows and especially movies. With over 320,000 members, the community initially focused on the Netherlands market with regards to television schedules, Dutch releases and Dutch on-demand releases. However, our new global edition presents users with an English language version of the site which we hope will reach many more movie fans.

The MovieMeter database contains almost 150,000 movies, 8,000 TV shows and with the launch of the new website also more than 500,000 actors and actresses. More than 8 million votes have been cast and 300,000 reviews written, a number of which the community can be proud. This ensures that a huge number of movies and shows have a versatile, reliable rating.


Since its acquisition by RealTimes Network in 2019, MovieMeter has been more than a database for movies and TV shows. Visitors to MovieMeter are also in the right place for the latest movie and television news, reliable reviews and information about actors, actresses and directors.

MovieMeter also has a huge database of top lists that are based on the votes of the community. With this, visitors can now very specifically find the movie they are looking for. These lists can subsequently be filtered to meet the needs of the users, such as filtering to a specific director or even streaming service.


Although MovieMeter can be regarded as the largest, most complete movie archive in the Netherlands, it also aims to become the largest source of movie news in the entire industry. One that transcends national borders. We are currently working hard on an English-language version, so that we can also provide the public with the best, fastest and most complete movie news on the English-speaking market and to make our reviews even more reliable online

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