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Simon Pegg compares Bond stunts to Mission: Impossible
Photo: © ANP

Simon Pegg compares Bond stunts to Mission: Impossible

Simon Pegg compares Bond stunts to Mission: Impossible
Photo: © ANP

The Bond and Mission: Impossible franchises have naturally been compared to each other for decades.

Both feature a spy or spies taking on dangerous missions, saving the world in a variety of exotic locations around the world. And, as both are action franchises, the stunts and set-pieces have also been compared.

When it comes to stunts, though, Mission: Impossible actor Simon Pegg believes that the franchise just edges Bond due to the fact that star Tom Cruise famously does all of his own stunts.

"I think both films benefit from it immensely. Because I’m biased, I think Mission pips it a little bit, as everything you see, he does for real," he told Soho House.

"There are no stunt doubles for him. There’s a frisson you get when there’s authenticity: the idea that this guy is actually jumping off a cliff on a motorbike and deploying the parachute 100 feet from the ground? It puts the willies up you."

Pegg clarifies Cruise controversy

Earlier this year, Pegg conducted an interview with the Times and when talking about Cruise he said:

"The best thing he taught me is never to accept responsibility for a mistake… but in a funny way."

Pegg received criticism for the comments, but insists they were taken out of context and has slammed the backlash.

"I naively assumed that people were interested in my experience of him. But the truth is, what everybody really wants to know about is Tom," he explained.

"Everyone wants to have some little nugget of information, which they can dress up with a clickbait headline. What these people should really do is find things out for themselves.

"But they will not, because the closest they’ll ever get to him is shouting his name on a f**king red carpet. So, I am not going to be the harbinger of any kind of Tom Cruise information."

Cruise and Pegg have starred together in four Mission: Impossible movies; Mission: Impossible 3, Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation and Fallout.

They will team up again in the next instalment, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1.

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