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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)

Action / Adventure | 131 minutes
3,41 1.539 votes

Genre: Action / Adventure

Duration: 131 minuten

Alternative title: Mission: Impossible 5

Country: United States

Directed by: Christopher McQuarrie

Stars: Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson

IMDb score: 7,4 (374.117)

Releasedate: 23 July 2015

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation plot

"Desperate times. Desperate measures."

Ethan Hunt's highly efficient yet destructive Impossible Mission Force (IMF) is disbanded by Washington bureaucrats, including the head of the CIA. But Hunt still assembles his team to take down a shadowy organization known as "The Syndicate" and its elusive leader.

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Actors and actresses

Ethan Hunt

William Brandt

Benjamin 'Benji' Dunn

Luther Stickell

Solomon Lane

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Janik 'Bone Doctor' Vinter

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avatar van Onderhond


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Definitely a better one in the series.

Although better is still very relative in the MI series. For example, the humor is really unbearable (Simon Pegg is completely lost in this film) and it quickly collapses when the film pays too much attention to the silly story.

But McQuarrie knows how to hold his own during the action scenes. They are fairly classic setups, but executed with a lot of panache and a sense of adrenaline. Especially liked the motorbike chase and the car chase preceding very tight scenes.

It's just not much more and that's a shame for a film that is stretched a bit too long. 130 minutes is hard to justify, for that there is still too little action and the filling is absolutely not of a high enough level. So simple filler, nothing more, nothing less.


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avatar van des1


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Oh my gosh, what a situation, scenes and plot twists (which make you wonder if the players understand) glued together with some explanations and rationalizations. Some unexpected moments due to the ridiculous use of masks. That doesn't make you the edge of your seat suspense. They remain so-called secret agent stories for an illiterate generation. It's all about the pose and the fights. Infantile. So not my cuppa tea. Respect for Cruise's many stunts. Skinny 2.5*.

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avatar van Shadowed


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As far as I'm concerned, MI series is getting worse and worse now. I have yet to see part 6 and I see that it was put together by the same director as this part. That doesn't exactly create the highest expectations, although I have to say that this film has some nice moments.

This part is often sleek and modern, but it just didn't want to grab me. Just about the entire first hour didn't really contain moments that will stay with me. Opening with Cruise (no effects) hanging from an airplane is still memorable, but the rest was disappointing.

I could feel him hanging in the air right away when Ferguson came into view. She certainly wasn't bad, but her role was very standard. You'll soon see that she still sympathizes with Cruise after her betrayal. It's a pity that these kinds of series are increasingly being destroyed by this kind of standard writing.

Cruise himself also gets less and less room to prove himself in terms of acting. In part 3 he got both some depth, but now he's back to the standard action hero/James Bond clone with a little more impressive tech here and there. In terms of technological gadgets, it is all quite far-fetched.

In terms of action there are some very cool chases, but really too few memorable through a running time of 131 minutes. The final phase is quite disappointing, and apart from the motorcycle chase I don't feel a lot of adrenaline, atmosphere or tension during the action scenes or burglary scenes.

It has mainly become a tight event that unfortunately does not always manage to captivate. It's all relatively standard Hollywood poof-pop-poof, just the kind that doesn't have the poof. I speak highly of the motorcycle scenes, but otherwise this is a film that I forgot in no time. There is simply too little memorable happening throughout the film, there are too few nice characters and it really takes too long.

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