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The Martian (2015)

Scifi | 144 minutes / 151 minutes (extended cut)
3,59 2.465 votes

Genre: Scifi / Drama

Duration: 144 minuten / 151 minuten (extended cut)

Country: United States / United Kingdom / Hungary / Jordan

Directed by: Ridley Scott

Stars: Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain and Chiwetel Ejiofor

IMDb score: 8,0 (931.080)

Releasedate: 30 September 2015

The Martian plot

"Bring Him Home"

Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first humans to set foot on Mars. Now he is sure that he will be the first to die. After a sandstorm, he is left alone. His team thinks he's dead and Mark can't contact Earth to let them know he's still alive. And even if he did succeed, by the time a rescue crew reached him, his life supplies would be long depleted. But the chance that he will die of starvation is small: the damaged machine, the merciless environment or a simple human error are more than likely to kill him.

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avatar van Onderhond


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Nice video.

Nice to see Scott finally come up with a good movie, that's 12 years ago. Although there is of course a good response to the renewed interest in the entire space event, with Mars leading the way.

Images on Mars are truly amazing and by far the highlight of the film. That and the often casual-looking images from and around the spaceship, where the spinning backgrounds provided a powerful sense of movement. It's things like that that make me love seeing these kinds of movies. By the way, Scott doesn't come close to Gravity, but it doesn't fall short either.

Damon also strong, often nice anyway and he carries this film perfectly. Maybe just a bit too much comical moments, but it never really gets disturbing. The music did. One illustrated disco joke was enough, ABBA on Mars spoils the atmosphere a bit. The score itself was also on the weak side, too bad.

Scenes on Earth aren't the most exciting either, but they are useful as a distraction. 140 minutes on Mars for a blockbuster like this would have been a bit difficult. Still, Scott goes over the edge a few times, such as at the various meetings where everyone cheers the rescue mission live. Or the Iron Man moment.

Nice blockbuster though. Wonderful scenes on Mars and in space and a good Damon.


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avatar van Lavrot


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Not an unpleasant viewing experience, but those disco booms, come on, was that necessary? Fortunately, David Bowie was not forgotten. The ending came straight out of the juicer which was a shame as I prefer to see the fruit hanging from the trees from afar. Anyway, I liked Moon in all its simplicity much better.

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avatar van Shadowed


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Lots of good sounds, but I really didn't find this movie very special compared to other Sci-Fi movies. Perhaps the story is more original, because I have not often seen the planet Mars in a summary. Anyway.

Visually, the film is of course top notch. Damon acts pretty well, and the rest is okay. Nice role by Childish Gambino again. The film doesn't want to get really exciting anywhere, so you don't have to do it for that. The story was interesting, but it didn't always grab me.

May also take a bit too long, and the bond with the characters is indeed quite difficult to make. Otherwise a great movie. Highly recommended for Science Fiction fans.

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