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The Bourne Identity (2002)

Thriller | 119 minutes
3,76 5.385 votes

Genre: Thriller / Action

Duration: 119 minuten

Country: United States / Germany / Czech Republic

Directed by: Doug Liman

Stars: Matt Damon, Franka Potente and Chris Cooper

IMDb score: 7,8 (580.070)

Releasedate: 14 June 2002

The Bourne Identity plot

"He was the perfect weapon until he became the target."

An Italian fishing boat rescues a drowning man (Matt Damon) from the Mediterranean Sea. The man suffers from amnesia and does not know who he is. However, there are two bullets in his back and he soon comes to the conclusion that an attempt was made to kill him. To his own surprise, he masters various fighting techniques, and with the help of Marie (Franka Potente) he sets out in Switzerland in search of his identity. He soon discovers that he was involved in a mysterious plot involving an assassination attempt involving the CIA...

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Jason Bourne

Marie Helena Kreutz

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Ward Abbott

Danny Zorn

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avatar van PCTERN


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The Bourne series is and remains a masterly franchise even better than the quasi-comedy Bond films or over-the-top MI series. Stories are nicely dosed without too much frills with fairly natural acting characters and yet a constant adrenaline feeling. The mini chase in this first part remains one of the better ones I've seen, partly due to the Pauk Oakenfold sound behind it.

Absolute top in the espionage genre

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avatar van Roger Thornhill

Roger Thornhill

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I remember well what I thought when I first started this movie: "But Matt Damon is way too young to play this part, isn't it?" Then I got to the scene in the park –In a flash, Bourne takes out two unsuspecting officers– and the moment I saw Damon's stunned look on his face ("How can I do this ?") I was won over, as it were persuaded and convinced by his interpretation.
I've seen this movie many times since then, but I've never forgotten the thrill of seeing how perfect an actor turns out to be for his part. This is still one of the best and most penetrating action films I've ever seen, with several raw and unsentimental scenes not spiced up with witty one-liners, with fast but not hectic or unclear editing, excellent supporting roles (including one Russell Levy like the extremely creepy Manheim) and some really great action scenes (the Paris chase, taking out the Professor, the fight in the stairwell). John Powell's superb music deserves a special mention: I have come across the motif of the nervous staccato violins many times since then, and the exciting use of Paul Okenfold's Ready steady go and Moby's Extreme ways is rarely matched.
As far as I'm concerned, everything about this film is right: dialogues, scenes, plot, action, locations, music – and a nice closing scene.

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avatar van Lovelyboy


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The Bourne Identity, well...let me first state that for me there is only one Bourne, and one The Bourne Identity, and that is Richard Chamberlain and his miniseries. Because what a beautiful 80s product in terms of atmosphere and style. Moreover, this series made a big impression on me as a child. So yeah...Damon and Liman are behind from the start, something that they don't make up for as far as I'm concerned.

Bourne, the story may be familiar around the man with amnesia and the ensuing search for the how and why. An approach that is very different, if you ask me, compared to Chamberlain in '88. Nice is at least the duel in the field with the other 'hitman' Owen in this case, otherwise the locations are okay. Then Franka Potenta is a fairly unknown actress to me, but also fun in itself, and yes...if you want action then you're stuck with this film.

However, to me it feels soulless. It's an action lick with thriller elements that really wants to make a big impression, but for me it doesn't get any further than a hysterical whole at times. Lots of bells and whistles, an equally exaggerated soundtrack that is really disturbing at certain moments, and the total lack of the 'mystery' that gives Chamberlain so much more in '88. Matt Damon is partly to blame for that as I've never really been a fan of dear Matt with his boyish appearance and yet mainly the fact that he is himself and does not act as a character.

The Bourne Identity can't be called bad, but it can't measure up to the '88 miniseries for a moment. But the main flaw for me about TBI is that the movie and the character simply don't tell me anything in this capacity.

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