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Gladiator (2000)

History | 155 minutes / 171 minutes (extended edition)
4,18 10.701 votes

Genre: History / Drama

Duration: 155 minuten / 171 minuten (extended edition)

Country: United States / United Kingdom / Malta / Morocco

Directed by: Ridley Scott

Stars: Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix and Connie Nielsen

IMDb score: 8,5 (1.617.149)

Releasedate: 4 May 2000

Gladiator plot

"A Hero Will Rise."

Roman general Maximus (Russell Crowe) is sentenced to death by Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), the evil heir to the throne of Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris). Maximus narrowly escapes, but his wife and son are brutally murdered. After burying their soulless bodies exhausted, he is found by slave traders who sell him on to the gladiatorial master Proximo (Oliver Reed). Proximo manages to get Maximus to fight in the Colosseum as a gladiator, and soon Maximus begins to realize that this may be the only chance to take revenge on the emperor.

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avatar van MisterJames


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This is still a good film, two and a half hours flies by. The story is generally simple, but the characters and the course of the story make it very captivating. Joaquin Phoenix plays a very creepy bad guy, and Russel Crowe also plays very convincingly. The music is also very nicely done, it makes the film feel more epic, but at times it resembles the music of Pirates Of The Caribbean a lot. The action scenes are great, culminating in the fight with those carts. It is remarkable that there are sometimes a lot of cuts in the battle scenes, which you do get a bit out of it. The great thing is that the overall film kept me interested in all areas, until the end where Commodus is finally killed, and Maximus is lifted dead from the arena, after a nice final speech.

After 4 times still a great movie, a revenge story that stays with you and very nice action scenes, and despite a few minor flaws, definitely one of my favorite films, 5.0!

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avatar van brawljeff


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Just saw it again after about 12 years, this time in the cinema. The only benefit to this pandemic is the fact that there are so many classics on the big screen again. I used to love this movie and was pleasantly surprised that I still like it just as much. Okay, I now realize that the historical elements are not quite right, but the story is not true. Furthermore, it is especially nice to see how good Joaquin is here at a young age. He should have gotten an Oscar for this.

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avatar van tommykonijn


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Seen it in the distant past, but actually I was much too young for this film at the time. Certain scenes, like the one with Richard Harris, still stood out to me, but I honestly wonder if I ever saw the ending. It was about time I re-examined the film.

Gladiator is a movie of epic proportions and that seems to be exactly what Ridley Scott is after. Maximus is the hero you effortlessly empathize with as a viewer and Commodus is the arrogant villain that you really hate. Hats off to both Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix, as both gentlemen are playing at the top of their game here. The scenes in which they share the screen are wonderful. Connie Nielsen, Oliver Reed and Richard Harris, among others, all make pleasant contributions in the supporting roles. Their characters are certainly not one-dimensional and therefore know how to captivate. The strong acting is certainly an important part that determines my appreciation for this film.

Of course I can come up with criticism that not all scenes are equally interesting (and the playing time could have been shorter) and that certain effects during the large shots may have become a bit outdated by now, but in the end they are only minor blemishes that do not outweigh the ease with which this film still stands. The action scenes look slick and I felt like I was there as a spectator in the arenas. I also don't want to leave the mood-enhancing music by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard unnoticed. Splendid.

Gladiator is a cool movie. At times it's heartbreaking and quite brutal, but it's a good sign that those moments managed to roll in. Also the big gesture at the end (Maximus who is reunited with his family after his death) struck the right chord and actually fits very well. A film that you have to sit down for a while, but then you also get something in return: the quality drips from it.


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