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Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992)

Horror | 93 minutes
2,74 535 votes

Genre: Horror

Duration: 93 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Anthony Hickox

Stars: Terry Farrell, Kevin Bernhardt and Doug Bradley

IMDb score: 5,5 (35.135)

Releasedate: 11 September 1992

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth plot

"What started in hell, will end on Earth."

Cenobite Pinhead is trapped in a demonic image. However, when JP Monroe, the young owner of a popular nightclub, buys the statue and accidentally spills blood all over the statue, he comes back to life. Pinhead makes a deal with JP, who has to kill him as much as possible so he can move freely again. Journalist Joey Summerskill is then assigned, along with Elliot Spencer (the man Pinhead used to be), to stop Pinhead and his new group of Cenobites.

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Full Cast & Crew

Actors and actresses

Joanne 'Joey' Summerskill

Pinhead / Captain Elliot Spencer

Daniel 'Doc' Fisher

Kirsty Cotton

Blond Nurse (as Sharon Hill)

Rick the Barman / Cenobite

Female Cop (as Shanna Teare)

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avatar van Shadowed


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But qualitatively a step back from the first two parts. Hellraiser III has mainly lost part of its charm, which makes the gore and fantasy less impressive. Yet it still has its moments and is not very inferior to the rest of the series.

A big mistake is giving Bradley less screen time. He has lost a lot of his charm in this part. In the previous parts it was a threatening and dominant appearance, here he takes on a slightly more typical villain. So with the evil smiles, it doesn't really benefit his character.

In addition, this part is slower and it takes a long time before it really gets going. At some point it seems to be an exact repeat of the previous two parts, but a little less charming. I was therefore also happy that the last half hour was a big hit, which gave my grade a big boost.

There it becomes a bit Hellraiser, but made by Michael Bay. The action is great and we get a lot of special spectacle and noise, working towards a great finale. It's a dangerous path to choose for a series like this, but it works thanks to some pretty weird cenobites and strong gore.

Acting is bad, Bradley was also disappointing although he certainly remains the best in the film. The good guys were all just a bit boring, it's really just waiting for the gore to start showing up a bit. When it actually appears, it immediately kicks in nicely. The highlight for me was definitely the carnage at the party.

First half is meh, but the second half is different in its own way. Hellraiser III just turned out to be a fun third installment in the series. Bradley is a little less impressive, the film is sometimes less interesting and definitely the least of the trilogy, but still a solid part in the series. Most enjoyed.

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avatar van scorsese


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Reasonable film in which a man buys a special statue for his nightclub. Definitely a full-blooded horror film, but a lot less dark in tone compared to the previous two films (here and there even a funny one-liner). But the gore is okay, and the gory make-up effects are worth it.

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avatar van Vicksel82


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Definitely not a bad third part in the Hellraiser series, again with a lot of Gore but unfortunately does not get to the same level as the first two parts

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