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Hellraiser: Deader (2005)

Horror | 84 minutes
2,33 264 votes

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Duration: 84 minuten

Country: United States / Romania

Directed by: Rick Bota

Stars: Doug Bradley, Kari Wuhrer and Paul Rhys

IMDb score: 4,4 (11.971)

Releasedate: 7 June 2005

Hellraiser: Deader plot

"The Latest. Most Terrifying Evil."

One day reporter Amy Klein sees a tape in which a woman is murdered and then brought back to life. She comes on the trail of a cult group called the Deaders. The closer she gets to the cult group, the weirder the events around her become.

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avatar van Onderhond


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Starts very nicely.

Thought the scene in that apartment with the dead woman was quite classy. And that train full of freaks, although a bit cheesy, had something to it. Unfortunately, the film gets worse and worse, and at the end there is very little left of it.

The Cenobites are already being pushed back for the twentieth time, they no longer have much impact. It's about time they really showed what they're capable of.

So it starts very well, throughout the film some very nice scenes, and also the fact that I have a thing for Hellraiser (must have been my first real horror film) make this a 2.5*, but a tight one. More Cenobites next time and a better ending.

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avatar van RuudC


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Same story as Hellseeker: it's a Hellraiser because Pinhead wanders around the screen at random times. As a standalone film, the concept would still work quite well. Still slightly better than Hellseeker, but I see no reason to give it a higher rating. The acting is bland and I'm tired of that eternal dark filter. With all those cheap films I don't feel like going on holiday to Romania anymore. With all the cheap action movies of the last few years I can dream of Bucharest, I think. Despite the incredibly dull title, Deader does have a few interesting scenes, but as a Hellraiser fan you can stick to the first four. A little consistency would be nice, because the purpose and ability of the box, for example, often changes.

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avatar van Chainsaw


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In the previous straight to video sequels, some effort was made to put some Hellraiser in there. In this movie it's obvious; they grabbed a script probably called Deaders and Pinhead got signed into it at the end. Again this has nothing to do with the mythology of Hellraiser, the film is about a group in Romania that can bring people back from the dead and a journalist who goes to investigate. It's not all that exciting, but the dumbest thing is how they try to put Hellraiser in it. As if halfway through the film a setdresser suddenly said 'wait a minute' while filming and Hellraiser's puzzle box slid into view.

Poor Doug Bradley. The man has created a strong, world-renowned icon with Pinhead, but had to negotiate the price for his last two films and had to go to Romania to shoot some nonsensical scenes for a film that would go straight to DVD shelves three years after filming. flickered. I just hope that the man still has a bit of an okay stay in Romania. We can't say anything about the other Cenobites, because they don't matter at all in this film. Qualitatively, Deader is no better than its predecessor Hellseeker. Agree, unlike Inferno and Hellseeker, it's not a detective for once, but it still feels the same; someone goes to investigate and comes across a lot of weird things and stupid jumpscares along the way. And then yells. A lot. Hellraiser: Deader feels like a 30-minute movie, stretched to 80 minutes with effort and with the title Hellraiser flashed on it.

1.5 stars.

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