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Jusqu'à la Garde (2017)

Drama | 93 minutes
3,64 196 votes

Genre: Drama

Duration: 93 minuten

Alternative title: Custody

Country: France

Directed by: Xavier Legrand

Stars: Léa Drucker, Denis Ménochet and Thomas Gioria

IMDb score: 7,5 (10.371)

Releasedate: 7 February 2018

Jusqu'à la Garde plot

The Bessons are getting a divorce. To protect her son from his father, the woman Miriam accuses her husband of abuse. She asks for exclusive custody. However, much to her disappointment, the judge grants joint custody to the father. As a hostage between his parents, Julien will do everything to prevent the worst.

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Miriam Besson

Antoine Besson

Julien Besson

Joséphine Besson

Maître Davigny, Miriam's lawyer

Maître Ghenen, Antoine's lawyer

The court clerk

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avatar van mrklm


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A phenomenal film, perfectly directed and with monumental performances by the three main characters, of which Thomas Giorgia's is the most sensational. This thriller begins with a hearing in which two lawyers plead for a parenting arrangement for both their children. Their daughter Joséphine [Mathilde Auneveux] will soon celebrate her 18th birthday, which is why the attention focuses exclusively on Julien [Thomas Giorgia]. Mother Miriam [Léa Drucker] claims that father Antoine [Denis Ménochet] is violent and threatens her and the children, Antoine claims that Miriam does not shy away from any means to keep him away from his children and that everything is a lie. The judge [Saadia Bentaïeb] decides to maintain the existing co-parenting relationship, but as soon as we see Julien enter his father's house it is clear that he is terrified of his father, who is also using him as a pawn to find out Miriam's secret telephone number and address .

Xavier Legrand's direction fits perfectly with the carefully constructed screenplay, in which the underlying tension is palpable from the start, the oppressive atmosphere gradually increases and the finale is downright nerve-wracking. Legrand's timing is perfect, given his effective use of sometimes unbearable silences. The uninterrupted shot during Joséphine's party is a tour-de-force, but it is the characters and the perfect performances that make this film unforgettable.

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avatar van Cinsault


  • 243 messages
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A particularly oppressive and very strongly acted film. I'm especially impressed by Thomas Gioria, who plays the role of the son. Where did they get those from?! It's amazing how he conveys the different emotions he feels towards his father to the viewer. It's also great how the tension is built up in the film. Some may have experienced the ending as 'over the top', but unfortunately practice shows that this kind of excesses (especially in stalking situations) occurs (fortunately not often). Yet this denouement had not necessarily been necessary; With a less shocking denouement the film would not have been less good in my opinion, because the strength of the film lies mainly in the psychological warfare between the parents, of which the children are the victims and in which they are deployed in the battle between their parents and where it becomes painfully clear what this does to the son in particular.

The film deals with, as will be clear by now, an increasingly common phenomenon, or at least one that is receiving increasing attention: the so-called 'contested divorce'. It is clear that he only knows losers and that the child or children are the victims and is, once again, evident in this film in a compelling way. The people who stand around and see it happen are often powerless spectators, as in this film, for example, the judge who has to make a difficult decision about the son's contact with the father. A good choice by the director to start the film with this scene. It immediately exposes various dilemmas. It is then up to the viewer to judge whether the judge's choice was the right one. An intriguing and painful, but also urgent, film.

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avatar van BBarbie


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Oppressive, realistic-looking family drama. It's clever how director Legrand initially leaves it unclear who is right on his side in this divorce dispute; what is or is not true of the mutual accusations. But when, after a tame start, the subcutaneous tension gradually increases, you can feel which way things will go. Yet the ending still comes as a surprise, and I particularly mean the intensity of the denouement. Rarely have I seen a film with such an exciting climax. It would give you heart palpitations.

A gem of a film, excellently directed and with exceptionally strong performances from the three protagonists. Of them, I would especially like to point out Thomas Gioria's nuanced portrayal as the focal point of all misery.

Of the 2018 films I have seen so far, this is by far the best.

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