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Den Skyldige (2018)

Thriller | 85 minutes
3,62 925 votes

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 85 minuten

Alternative title: The Guilty

Country: Denmark

Directed by: Gustav Möller

Stars: Jakob Cedergren, Jessica Dinnage and Omar Shargawi

IMDb score: 7,5 (60.295)

Releasedate: 14 June 2018

Den Skyldige plot

"The crime is bigger than you think"

Pending a lawsuit over his actions in an incident, police officer Asger has been removed from office and forced to work at the emergency center. He answers a distress call from a confused woman who is believed to be the victim of a kidnapping. With the phone as his only resource, Asger starts a race against time to track down the woman.

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avatar van BBarbie


  • 11656 messages
  • 7139 votes

Immersive real-time drama with a police officer who “witnesses” a kidnapping in a remote emergency center. Well constructed thriller without all kinds of bells and whistles, which becomes more and more exciting, partly due to the twists in the story. The elongated silences are sometimes unnerving.

Experience shows that you can safely leave the making of exciting thrillers to the Danes. This film, with a tour-de-force by Jakob Cedergren, proves that once again.

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avatar van arno74


  • 8700 messages
  • 3342 votes

Films that take place in one location and with hardly more than one actor, such as All Is Lost (2013) or Buried (2010), don't appeal to me that much. This film is different, what we see on the screen takes place in a 112 emergency center, but the real film then takes place in your head. We hear the phone calls, the sounds on the other end of the phone, and have to use our imaginations to see what happens. As a result, you hardly notice that you are always looking at one place, but more importantly, what is happening on the other side of the phone is in fact only seen in your own head, so that each viewer imagines the events differently. . This is reinforced by contacting different people who each give their view on the case. The viewer says that the film is suitable for all ages, but that is completely wrong, there is a lot of violence in it, only that it takes place on the other side of the phone.

Den Skyldige is a psychological thriller, an exciting and successful cat and mouse game over the telephone. As a viewer it drags you into the powerlessness experienced by the police officer, a man who normally patrols the street but feels 'degraded' to operator, with the telephone as the only weapon at his disposal.

It has a lot in common with The Call (2013) although Den Skyldige is more well thought out, credible and much better developed . 4*.

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avatar van Movsin


  • 6955 messages
  • 7761 votes

An unparalleled one-location film. Not an ordinary look at how things work in such an emergency center but a story with a trembling, frightening and gripping tension with a surprising and disconcerting turnaround.

Jakob Cedergren's acting convincingly and with great feeling how to reflect the impact of the succession of bad events on his mind.

A thriller without actual action. There are still others, but this one seems exceptionally well done to me.

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