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The Happening (2008)

Drama | 91 minutes
2,45 2.186 votes

Genre: Drama / Mystery

Duration: 91 minuten

Country: United States / India / France

Directed by: M. Night Shyamalan

Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel and John Leguizamo

IMDb score: 5,0 (216.840)

Releasedate: 11 June 2008

The Happening plot

"We've sensed it. We've seen the signs. Now...it's happening."

Married couple Elliot (Mark Wahlberg) and Alma (Zooey Deschanel) must flee with a group of strangers from an apocalyptic crisis that threatens to swallow the world. This terrible event makes people go crazy and kill themselves. Many people think it is a virus, or even a terrorist attack, but no one can say for sure. Until a somewhat eccentric biologist comes up with a possible explanation.

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avatar van Madecineman

Madecineman (moderator films)

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Shyamalan's films haven't really gotten any better in recent years and mostly stuck in the gray middle bracket, but with The Happening he has really outdone himself... What an incredibly bad film this is.

It could have worked as a parody, but unfortunately it is presented with far too much seriousness and the traces of humor or perspective are very sparse and not always successful.
Although... I laughed quite a lot yesterday when another breeze made the tree move in front of my window and I haven't even mentioned the comments regarding cacti and finger plants Lousy way of building tension in this movie like or I must be impressed by a shot of a tree or blades of grass moving on the wind And then those people who first walk back a few steps and then shoot themselves in the head or something because the self-preservation mechanism is disabled by the Sanseveria Hilarious bad! Really what was that Shymalan thinking when he was going to make this film, I will overwhelm my audience, I will crack a twig or blow a breeze? Nah, yes I still pee just as easily against a tree.

While his older work at least still had decent acting, this is also an absolute low point in that area. Cliché characters from the top shelf, what a bumbling, what a wooden acting and what very bad dialogues. Really I have seen amateur theater with more conviction and passion in it.
Shall I then also talk about the viscous morality... Well, no, never mind.

1 skinny star because there were some nice things in it (suicide with the lawnmower eg) that save the movie from total humiliation.

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avatar van PicoLisa


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"Failed attempt."

- Pico

Well, what are you supposed to do with this. Idea is great, nice twist that the trees and flowers are mad at us and want to massacre us en masse. Funny. But what a lot of crap is being added to the shit they already came up with. All characters and characters and events that could have been left out of the film.

One of those hippie couples who talk for five minutes about how they handle their plants. Or a girl who misses her parents. Or a soldier who is totally insecure and strange and who you can see coming for half an hour that he is going to die. Or the whole scene about the annoying girl's father dying. All a waste of minutes that you could have used better looking for good actors.

The characters make choices that no one understands. Why does a biologist take half a movie before making the link between parks and poison? In the news there was already a man who had dutifully told that it was because of natural gas, and that was ten minutes into the film! Why did little boy Wahlberg take so long? And why do they never (really never!) wipe their noses? Or drive past the Praxis and buy a construction mask. You can easily survive this and yet an hour and a half of my precious time is used to pretend that this is not the case.

In short, don't look. What a whine. I've been hoping for an hour and a half for them to die just to get rid of it all, but even in that I'm disappointed. Only watch this if you have a fear of hay fever or if you are one of those people who always wears a mask because you are afraid of a sneeze. Maybe this is your movie.

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avatar van Filmkriebel


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Shyamalan's films always have an intriguing and scary atmosphere, and it's no different here. This does keep the film going, along with a fairly short running time. On the other hand, it all makes no sense, although a defense mechanism of mother nature is cited, which echoes the ecological message that nature is always stronger than humans. But that is equivalent to kicking in open doors, so Shyamalan doesn't make much of an impression with this. The Happening didn't end up being as bad as I expected given the scathing comments.

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