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Lawn Dogs (1997)

Drama | 101 minutes
3,65 98 votes

Genre: Drama

Duration: 101 minuten

Country: United Kingdom

Directed by: John Duigan

Stars: Mischa Barton, Sam Rockwell and Christopher McDonald

IMDb score: 7,4 (8.637)

Releasedate: 21 November 1997


Lawn Dogs plot

"Innocence is a dangerous friend."

10-year-old Devon is not like the rest of her peers and hangs out with adults a lot. Despite her strict father's criticism, she befriends Trent, who mows rich people's lawns for a few dollars. Their friendship grows during a visit to his trailer, which is totally harmless. But Devon herself thinks this might have been a bad idea in retrospect, as her father could be in big trouble if her father found out.

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avatar van Movsin


  • 7931 messages
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What a pity that this beautiful film about the friendship between a young girl, still a child, and a young man suddenly takes such an unexpected, violent and unbelievable turn.

The end of the film is very clever and previously the rapprochement of the imaginative girl (excellent interpretation) to the slowly understanding and ultimately moved young man (also best performed by Sam Rockwel) was very well staged.

The drawing of the rich man's neighborhood is sarcastic, with patronizing, superficial parents who prefer to think of themselves.

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avatar van arno74


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Good film, with a recognizable typical English drama style, where the contrasts between a "well-to-do neighborhood" and the "lower layer" of society are shown in an (initially) playful/light-hearted way. In the lead role a girl from that well-to-do neighborhood who is not guided by stereotypes and who develops a friendship with their gardener, who comes from that underlayer, something that is not allowed in such a society, with all the consequences that entails.

It reminded me a lot of Broken (2012), with a similar style and story. That movie got the highest score from me, and maybe that's why I rate this movie lower.

Lawn Dogs has quite a bit of depth, hidden messages ("not everything is as it seems"), twists, etc. that enrich the story, including the mythological fairy tale about [i]Baba Yaga[/i ] that reflects reality in the film or is interwoven with it. That fairy tale and how the girl experiences it also reminded me of my great favourite, El laberinto del Fauno (2006), although in that film has developed the fairytale much further than here.

All in all, I am leaning towards the 4* for this film, which I would like to watch again and is also very suitable for that.

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avatar van Filmkriebel


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The Angel of Camelot Gardens

Superb movie!
A remarkable friendship between a ten-year-old daughter of upper-class citizens and a poor gardener. Later in the film it turns out that the authors paint a picture of an America they don't want, with class war and the rich who isolate themselves from the plebs in closed residential areas. When Devon throws the American flag out of the pickup after Trent tells her that his father is dying at the hands of the government, the act takes on all of its symbolism.
Apart from the social message, you also see a girl who wants to escape a stifling home situation and who finds a father figure that suits her better. I thought the ending was quite intense but really great. It must be said that the tone is very gloomy and heavy at times, and reminded me a bit of American Beauty. In addition to a well-functioning interplay between Barton and Rockwell, the film is also highly recommended because of the pleasant soundtrack.

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