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Ahlat Agaci (2018)

Drama | 188 minutes
3,37 83 votes

Genre: Drama

Duration: 188 minuten

Alternative title: The Wild Pear Tree

Country: Turkey / France

Directed by: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Stars: Hazar Ergüçlü, Murat Cemcir and Ahmet Rıfat Şungar

IMDb score: 8,0 (27.550)

Releasedate: 8 August 2018

Ahlat Agaci plot

"What a father keeps hidden is revealed in the son."

Sinan is a great lover of literature and has dreamed of becoming a writer for years. After returning to his native village in Anatolia, he makes every effort to get published. However, it is his father's debts that catch up with him.

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avatar van De filosoof

De filosoof

  • 2006 messages
  • 1393 votes

The film is clearly a quality film: every scene and every dialogue has something interesting (and comes across very natural and realistic; the acting is also good) and therefore manages to hold the attention. But it doesn't get very interesting anywhere and there is constant chatting, which made me feel quite exhausted after an hour of chatting. The film has virtually no dramatic development, which makes the three hours of the film a very long one.

The film is about a boy in the Turkish countryside who has written a 'meta-novel' about that rural life (sketched from the author's musings) and in fact the film itself turns out to be that meta-novel: we get an insight into Turkish rural life with the author himself as the main character who is tormented by the threat of the same failure as that which befell his father. As is also noted in the film, this 'meta novel' has little story and cannot be summarized in a simple moral. The father's vain digging of a well in the hope of finding water is clearly the metaphor for the lives of both father and son: they struggle but achieve nothing.

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avatar van Ferdydurke


  • 1353 messages
  • 854 votes

Another beautiful film by Ceylan, which gets its protagonist full of intellectual and literary ambitions stuck in family troubles and in the economic, cultural and social reality of the Turkish countryside.

As usual, the acting is of a high level, and the dialogues are sharp and full of prickliness. However, it is not a film for the errand boys among us, nor for fans of spectacular narrative twists and turns. It also doesn't help for the popularity poll that you may sympathize with Sinan, but he is not exactly sympathetic himself, and he is not able to accomplish much either. Nothing, actually.

The main character does go through a certain development (from youthful arrogance full of Sturm und Drang to acceptance of the fact that he has more in common with his father than he first thought), but that element is no more than the occasion, the coat rack for the coat, a melancholic sketch of the 'state of being' in contemporary Turkey.

Moreover, such individual development is of course not that special; almost a cliché actually. To which you can answer with another cliché (which is also explicitly stated in the film): it is not about what you 'tell', but how you do it. And that happens here in a masterful way.

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avatar van lang pee

lang pee

  • 1653 messages
  • 735 votes

This is the second Ceylan film I've seen after Winter Sleep which I liked slightly better. But I also thought this was beautiful and gave a lot of food for thought. I think it is a slightly more difficult film and you would actually have to see it twice to understand and follow everything. Everything is being questioned, especially religion. I would have liked the role of women in Turkish society to be discussed a little more, because there is quite something to be said about that, but otherwise I thought it was a wonderful film...

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