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Scream 2 (1997)

Thriller | 120 minutes
2,78 1.874 votes

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 120 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Wes Craven

Stars: Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox

IMDb score: 6,3 (207.927)

Releasedate: 12 December 1997

Scream 2 plot

"Someone has taken their love of sequels one step too far."

Two years after the tragic events of Part 1, Sidney Prescott and Randy Meeks try to move on with their lives. Gale Weathers has written a book about the events, which is being made into a movie called "Stab", starring Tori Spelling. However, as the premiere date gets closer, the murders begin again.

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avatar van mrklm


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It is two years after the events of Scream. Sidney Prescott [Neve Campbell] is a college student, living on a campus, and has aspirations as an actress when the film adaptation of Gale Weathers [Courteney Cox]'s book "The Woodsboro Murders" hits theaters titled Stab. Cotton Weary [Liev Schreiber], who had been wrongly identified by Sidney as her mother's murderer, is now at large and therefore one of many potential suspects when a visitor attends the premiere of Stab, the book's film adaptation. The Woodsboro Murders” by Gale Weathers [Courteney Cox], is stabbed to death in front of an unsuspecting audience. As in Scream, there is a brilliant prologue, but as with the horror sequels this film parodies, this is more of the same in many ways. Screenwriter Kevin Williamson makes sharp observations about the deficient representation of black actors in this genre and is thus ahead of its time, which at least gives this an urgency that is still relevant. Still very entertaining, but adds little to the original formula of Scream.

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avatar van filmfan0511


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This sequel doesn't reach the heights of the original (obviously), but Craven does manage to pull some great individual scenes out of his hat, and make it an entertaining whole again. The opening scene is okay, and especially the scenes with Sarah Michelle Gellar's character in the dorm, the car crash and the moments in the theater building where Gale is being chased remain strong. The class scene, in which sequels are commented on in that typical meta way, offers another nice fat wink from Craven. Unfortunately, these strong separate scenes are not connected so ingeniously in a consistently good script, which was the case in the first part. The division of roles is also less successful here, in which only the characters who have already been introduced in part 1 make a nice impression. Except for Timothy Olyphant, who is doing well. In any case, Sidney remains a wonderful final girl. The reveal of the killers can be called very weak in this part, although the meta-fictional side in the ending is never far away. Craven does not find the right balance here between the meta side on the one hand and genuinely good horror on the other. A balance that was perfect in the first part.

But still, Scream 2 is also an entertaining horror film, with some strong scenes and some play with the well-known horror conventions. In fact, when I compare this to the average Halloween or Friday the 13th sequel, this Scream sequel is above average. What keeps this series fresher than the aforementioned franchises, I think, is the whodunnit aspect that reappears in every installment. The same iconic look, but always a different killer. 3*.

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avatar van rcuppen79


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While part 1 was still an ode to the slasher films, part 2 is an ode to the sequels this time. Furthermore, the formula remains unchanged and the surprise is unfortunately a bit off. It looks more like a repetition of moves, where you as a viewer quickly get the feeling that you have seen everything before.

At no point does this second part come close to the original and I also found the denouement far-fetched. Yet Scream 2 also became a success with the public, so part 3 was not long in coming.

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