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Scream 4 (2011)

Horror | 111 minutes
2,87 1.371 votes

Genre: Horror

Duration: 111 minuten

Alternative title: Scre4m

Country: United States

Directed by: Wes Craven

Stars: Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox

IMDb score: 6,2 (169.918)

Releasedate: 13 April 2011

Scream 4 plot

"New decade. New rules."

Ten years have passed since Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) had her last confrontation with the masked killer Ghostface. She now lives in isolation and she has written them a book that has received much critical acclaim. However, she is pulled from her daily routine when Ghostface reappears in Michigan, with the result that Sidney is reunited with Dewey (David Arquette) and Gale (Courteney Cox).

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avatar van filmfan0511


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What a great return to form this fourth Scream is. The original doesn't touch this, but Scream 4 is really miles above the other two sequels. Glad Wes Craven was able to finish his career with a real blast. There's a lot going on in favor of this movie. It's all a lot more brutal, bloodier and darker (in tone, color palette and lighting). It is, especially after the good and boring part 3, a big leap forward (or completely back, rather) to terrifying and brutal horror. The murders are hard and quite memorable, as is the build-up to them. Ghostface is not clumsy here, but brutal and ruthless. The voice also sounds grayer. The murder visible through the window across the street, and later the kill in the parking garage, are highlights, as well as Emma Roberts's a crazy acting performance at the end. Anyway, the cast is really nice here, even in the supporting roles. The main trio may have a little less to do (although their roles are more fun than in part 2/3), but such a thing is perfectly taken care of by a well-performing new/young cast. A perfect tempo and a well-developed ending, with an interesting twist and a reversal of expectations, rounds it off as far as I'm concerned. If the new fifth volume even comes close to this quality, I will be very pleased. For the time being, this fourth film is by far the second best part in the series. 4*.

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avatar van Tommy De Vito

Tommy De Vito

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Vote increased from 2.5 to 3 stars. Only at the end of the film did it dawn on me why I only gave this fourth part a 2.5 star on my first viewing. It all had to do with snot nose Jill (Sidney's niece), who manages to overpower two cops in the hospital (if Dewey still hasn't learned his lesson after so many assassination attempts on him and his friends?) and the wounded Sidney of course shows all corners of the room and last but not least knows how to keep our Gale Weathers at gunpoint. Jill no longer has any eyes for Sidney, and Sidney overpowers her again. After four parts I expected more from Craven, the direction for the final scene is just mediocrely directed and quickly cobbled together in my opinion. I thought that was a shame at the time and I still do.

But despite this, I enjoyed myself better this time than on the first viewing. I enjoyed the movie and the atmosphere is good. A number of old guard actors are still present (Campbell, Arquette and Cox), but the new fresh faces give the film a nice impulse. The veterans from the first films seem to have little sense in it anymore, except for Arquette. The kills are fine, nothing surprising anymore, but that also has to do with this genre specifically. If you see a young woman walking across an abandoned parking garage, you can already fill in how that will end. It's just waiting for that ghostface to pop up again. There's nothing wrong with that, but we've seen this trick many times before.

Certainly not bad, but nothing surprising so that the film does not get higher than 3 stars from me. Looking forward to part 5!

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avatar van rcuppen79


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With the revision of the Scream series we arrive at the 4th part. I haven't seen this one since its theatrical release, so I couldn't remember much about it. Except the movie didn't impress me at the time and that hasn't changed 11 years later. In fact, I think Scream 4 is by far the least of the series.

Despite the 11-year interval, the makers are unable to come up with fresh ideas. Scream 1 was an ode to the slasher movies, Scream 2 an ode to the sequels and Scream 3 an ode to trilogies. Scream 4 is supposed to be an ode to the reboot, but since the previous parts are not ignored and the old cast is just back, there is no question of a 'reboot' here.

Scream 4 is a standard slasher movie that walks all the known paths. It may be commendable that the cast & crew keep returning, but that may also be the weak point of this series. The films are actually always the same and a completely new cast could provide some more fresh air. It also doesn't work that the old cast isn't particularly interesting. Neve Campbell remains colorless as the main character and will never be able to match a Jamie Lee-Curtis. Courtney Cox and David Arquette do bring a bit more humor in their roles, but after 4 films the cake is over with them.

The new cast are all boring minor characters who leave little impression. The low point has to be Emma Roberts, who shows a strong example of over-acting. And unfortunately not in a good way.

No high flyer this 4th film. Unfortunately, the long 11-year hiatus between parts 3 and 4 didn't bring the Scream series back to life. Scream 4 was therefore not a success in cinemas and it took another 11 years for the 5th film to appear.

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