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Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil (1992)

Horror | 92 minutes
1,82 19 votes

Genre: Horror

Duration: 92 minuten

Country: Canada

Directed by: Clay Borris

Stars: Nicole de Boer and Joy Tanner

IMDb score: 4,1 (2.009)

Releasedate: 14 February 1992


Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil plot

"They ditched the prom for a private party, now it's their last dance."

A young couple is caught by priest Jonas making love. Jonas goes completely crazy and kills the two. The order to which Jonas belongs condemns him to life imprisonment in the cellars of the monastery. After thirty years of solitary confinement, Jonas manages to escape and goes after a group of teenagers who have just selected his monastery, now converted into a holiday home, to hold a party.

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avatar van Linn


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What a bad series this is.. Can't say much about it and if I can say anything about it it's nothing good.

This is just a really bad excorcist rip off. It looks cheap, isn't exciting, has really bad acting and is just extremely boring. Not recommended! (and that actually applies to the entire prom night series) 0.5*

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avatar van Onderhond


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Series that really goes in all directions.

This is indeed more like a film from an Exorcist series. Not very well developed, although I must say that there were some effective scenes towards the end. For example, our priest's first murders are fun. You don't see him, the tension is built up nicely.

That's the only positive, fortunately there are some long scenes. Really nothing else to see. Very ugly shot, poor acting, boring story.

Perhaps the soundtrack was still quite enjoyable at times, although it was completely ridiculous at least as often.

Very mediocre series. Part 4 brings something new, but unfortunately nothing interesting. 1.5*

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avatar van Bobbejaantje


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A forgotten gem (direct-to-video by the way) in the slasher genre. The intro takes place again in Hamilton High School 1957 - just like parts 2 and 3 in which Mary Lou went wild. But otherwise this has little to do with the franchise - even if there is a nod to Jamie Lee Curtis (who plays the leading role in part 1). In terms of atmosphere, this is more in line with a slasher à la Black Christmas. The murderer is also in the house and dares to play games with the telephone.
This Prom Night has an effective story with expertly built tension. The acting is what it should be without too much bullshit. And then there is the beautiful score by Paul Zaza who also scored all previous parts. He uses synths and Gregorian chants (as a motif of the fanatical murderer). Furthermore, the rules of the genre's clichés/art are respected with a virginal final girl. It may be a coincidence or intended that she wears a bluedress in this religiously tinted film, which may refer to the Virgin Mary as a Christian icon. The photography in general may also be there for this low budget affair.

After a classic 1st part, 2 parts that go more on the comedy tour, the four-parter ends with this excellent nail-biter. However, as the 4th part of a not even that popular franchise, it is not easy to subsequently receive attention on its own merits.

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