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Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)

Horror | 97 minutes
2,93 55 votes

Genre: Horror

Duration: 97 minuten

Country: Canada

Directed by: Bruce Pittman

Stars: Michael Ironside, Wendy Lyon and Lisa Schrage

IMDb score: 5,7 (7.376)

Releasedate: 16 October 1987

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II plot

"You Can't Keep a Bad Girl Down!"

Mary Lou Maloney, the prom queen of Hamilton High, was murdered in 1957 by her crazy boyfriend Bill Nordham. Thirty years later, Mary Lou rises from the dead and wants revenge. Bill has meanwhile become principal of Hamilton High, and has a son who is just going to prom night with his girlfriend that evening...

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Mary Lou Maloney

Vicki Carpenter

Craig Nordham

Father Cooper

Kelly Hennenlotter

Jess Browning

Virginia Carpenter

Walt Carpenter

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avatar van Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts

  • 54554 messages
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Places to go, people to kill!

Yes, very nice film, very underrated too. Much more fun than the previous Prom Night, although it has little to do with the original Prom Night concept. Mary Lou shows Carrie all the corners of the gym.

Prom Night 2 basically has everything and the balance is perfect. Very wonderful bad humor, the non-functional frontal nudity, the wonderful campiness and a cool evil protagonist. The film manages to develop an existing concept top notch on every level. Mary Lou leaves every counterpart behind her. Wonderful surreal scenes too, visually quite nice too. That scene in the shower is really brilliant, and Vicky's transformation from choir girl to super slut is brilliant. Pleasantly surprised, especially after part 1. Very underestimated.

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avatar van Richard_Voorhees


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Once again, there is quite a bit of shameless use of scenes and events from previous films (something that the first Prom Night also had), but fortunately this time it does not feel like a formulaic work.
Wendy Lyon is very cute in her role as Vicki, but unfortunately doesn't manage to come across as scary in the scenes when she really should. However, I do agree with Michael (FatMike) that it wasn't wrong to see her walking around naked.
Lisa Schrage can come across as creepy and is not bad to look at (she just doesn't appear naked )
I have always found Michael Ironside to be a strong, slightly underrated actor. His facial expression in particular is often truly sublime. Conveying emotions by only using nonverbal communication is sometimes difficult and not every actor or actress can do this well, but Ironside is always very good at that, I must say. It's a shame that he sometimes gets little screen time, because here too he does his job very well.

What particularly surprised me about this film was the large number of hallucination scenes that sometimes included quite a lot of special effects. The murders, such as the one with the safe or the one with the computer are also very good and surprising for a film like this.
Things like this keep the '80s, in my opinion, the most entertaining period of the horror genre.
A film that has nothing at all to do with its predecessor (the only connection is that they both take place during (the preparations for) a school prom), but which is a lot more entertaining than its predecessor. A very nice 80s horror flick for fans of genre films from this period.
A hesitation between 3.5 and 4*, but I'll round it down for now.

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avatar van Bobbejaantje


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With the first part, this film only has the location in common and they both also enjoy a soundtrack scored by Paul Zaza. Furthermore, it does its own thing to start with a supernatural tone that references The Exorcist and Nightmare on Elm Street and also Alien . One of the special effects employees had actually previously worked on a NOES part. It's all a bit excessive, but that's part of the fun. It also gets better as the film progresses. The idea of Mary Lou from the '50s coming for revenge... it's wonderfully designed. The actors do a good job, although there is a bit of a lack of balance because there isn't really a lead. Wendy Lyon may have a leading role, but she makes a shift as a character - and does so brilliantly. This bit of imbalance does not matter for the whole, which is undoubtedly enjoyable for fans of cult horror things (like myself).

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