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There Will Be Blood (2007)

Drama | 158 minutes
3,74 3.233 votes

Genre: Drama

Duration: 158 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson

Stars: Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano and Kevin J. O'Connor

IMDb score: 8,2 (640.423)

Releasedate: 26 December 2007

There Will Be Blood plot

"There will be greed. There will be vengeance."

When Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day Lewis) receives a mysterious tip about a small town in the West where oil would literally spray out of the ground, he and his son HW set out on an adventure, heading for dusty Little Boston. In this unforgiving town, where local entertainment is limited to the Hallelujah Church of charismatic pastor Eli Sunday (Paul Dano), Plainview begins prospecting. But even if the oil makes them rich, nothing stays the same as conflict escalates and all human values - love, hope, faith, ambition, community, and even the bond between father and son - come under attack as a result of corruption, deceit and the richly flowing oil.

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Daniel Plainview

Paul Sunday / Eli Sunday

Fletcher Hamilton

H.W. Plainview

Mary Sunday

Abel Sunday

Mr. Bandy

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avatar van Donkerwoud


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Acting cannons Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano are magnificently cast as the bearers of the stranglehold between the objectivist neoliberal (Daniel Plainview) and the extremist Christian (Paul Sunday). Their probing acting is one big middle finger to commonplaces like the American dream or the idiotic, yet influential, ideology of an Ayn Rand. Under the brilliant cinematography of a masterly director like Paul Thomas Anderson, this 'clash of ideologies' is made very tangible with expansive shots of nature and penetrating action scenes.

A refined play of light and shadow portrays the monstrous human figure as the contemporary Faust who thought he had sold his soul to good, but who at the same time never manages to find the forgiveness to which he thinks he is entitled. All around him the fire burns with which his systematic machinery exhausts raw materials and human lives. Never getting a grip on the forces of nature and the fate that hangs over him. At the same time, there is the equally passionate religious figure Sunday who bores souls with just as much venom with his trickery and deceit. It's amazing how his exorcisms are conjured up on the screen with just as much tension as the more action-oriented shots of drilling machines in the desert landscape.

Or how directing, soundtrack, editing, editing, acting manage to make a small and intimate story of a bombastic epic. Masterful!

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avatar van Fisico

Fisico (moderator films)

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There will be blood had been on my list for a long time, but I may have picked the wrong night. Not so convinced of the film at the moment, but it seems to me that this is a film that you can appreciate the more you see. And it really shouldn't come as a surprise if you know that Paul Thomas Anderson was behind the scenes. There will be blood is a film in several layers with the ruthless capitalist machine as its central theme.

Daniel Plainview is not a pleasant man. His greed knows no bounds and does not shy away from deceiving or manipulating people. A sublime Daniel Day-Lewis in the lead role who once again proves that he masters his craft to perfection. Paul Dano is also doing more than decently, surprisingly well in fact. Also, of course, excellent editing and camera work. The final scene was also great. Still, the film dragged on a bit and I didn't always find it equally interesting.

There will be blood is one that remains on the list to see again, that's for sure. So for the time being a sufficient quotation.

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avatar van Leland Palmer

Leland Palmer

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revised. After years. What did I want to do here again? 'There Will Be Blood' is technically one of the most perfect movies I've ever seen. Right during the epic opening, this masterpiece got under my skin. I can't think of a better acting performance than Daniel Day-Lewis here. Monstrous performance, beautiful. Anderson creates a grand spectacle in which we witness the rise of the oil industry in the US, around 1900. Themes of all times - religion, capitalism, greed, family - form a foundation in this film that grips me emotionally and keeps me going. her insane black humor makes you laugh.

Abusing Eli's faith to raise capital. ''There is a pipeline'', the quote after Plainview is baptized. Anything to get the country he wants. To hit back hard at the end to Eli, who at the same time made a fool of him in the front of the church. Daniel is a very complex character who is by no means evil by definition, but has only one real goal in mind. To end up as an empty shell. Capitalism is rampant. Then, now… always. In spite of everything.

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