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Money Monster (2016)

Drama | 95 minutes
3,04 773 votes

Genre: Drama / Thriller

Duration: 95 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Jodie Foster

Stars: George Clooney, Jack O'Connell and Julia Roberts

IMDb score: 6,5 (104.997)

Releasedate: 12 May 2016

Money Monster plot

"Not every conspiracy is a theory."

Lee Gates, a well-known television host, is known as the money guru of Wall Street thanks to his investment tips. But when Kyle Budwell loses all his money and that of his family on a tip from Lee, he decides to take Lee and his entire team hostage. The hostage situation is broadcast live on TV and the only person who can help Gates in the studio is his producer Patty. In a thrilling race against time, Lee and Patty try to uncover the truth about the conspiracy within the international financial world.

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“The name is Lee Gates, the show is Money Monster. Without risk, there is no reward. Should I sell? Should I a loan? GET SOME BALLS!”

Great movie that is very entertaining for a long time and has strong acting performances. Clooney, O'Connell, Roberts and Balfe are excellent, and Jodie Foster has made Money Monster a fast paced thriller that almost never fails in level and pace. The combination of humor, tension and also a socially critical message does not always work (certainly towards the end), but thanks to the acting and directing of Foster, Money Monster comes a long way.

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Nice story, but somewhat unbelievably balanced moralistic, with a Clooney who had very little trouble changing from slippery financial TV host into someone who was still concerned with the underdog. It's another character for me. He has a good nose for the right subject. Somewhere between 3 and 3.5*. The basic idea is if you don't understand anything, I don't have to explain what went wrong. In the making what happened in 2008, and still with all kinds of financial products such as derivatives.

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I honestly wonder how you screw up such an interesting premise so well. Foster may have acting talent, but for now with directing talent she is low in my book. This is a movie that a lot of American movies do wrong. At the time, it was the same problem with Man on a Ledge.

The movie starts well. Clooney seems to like it, and plays nice and fast. The first 5 minutes are the best. As soon as O'Connell comes into the picture, the film collapses. And that's not because of O'Connell, on the contrary, he was one of the better elements of the film.

It is especially the ridiculously stupid story that is completely out of tune with this film. Why does it have to come down to fraud again, while if you focus on the hostage situation itself it can become much more intense and immersive. It's a mystery to me what Foster does behind the scenes.

Moreover, the film (of course) has those nonsensical side plots that are mainly boring and distract from the interesting situation. The movie got so weak while there was a nice story. Besides, I don't understand how we eventually have to have some kind of sympathy for O'Connell again. It's mostly stupid.

Clooney and O'Connell are still doing well, but the rest was not to be seen. Roberts makes 0 impression, and then we have 5 other roles that mainly stretch the playing time and do not know how to be interesting for a moment.

It's just idiotic that the movie starts to roll out in such a predictable and clichéd way when it started out nice. Tension disappears by the minute and the situations become more and more stupid and stupid. Foster makes a mess of it.

Above all, an incomprehensible film, with a dull premise. It's a shame that these kinds of movies always have to end up on stupid points like this.

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