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Babylon (2022)

Comedy / Drama | 188 minutes

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Duration: 188 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Damien Chazelle

Stars: Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Diego Calva

IMDb score: 7,5 (41.048)

Releasedate: 22 December 2022


This movie is not available on US streaming services.

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Babylon plot

"Always make a scene."

Hollywood, the 1920s. The industry is undergoing the transition from silent films to films with narration. Several actors try to keep their heads above water during this period, including Clara Bow. Clara is an actress whose appearance has earned her the status of 'It-girl'.

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avatar van Sergio Leone

Sergio Leone

  • 3657 messages
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With Whiplash and La La Land being the only films I've watched by Damien Chazelle, I didn't have very high expectations for Babylon. As always, I let trailers and the like pass me by so I could go into the film without any prior knowledge. And I can highly recommend that to everyone.

That first hour, or maybe even an hour and a half, is great. Silly, loud, exuberant. Decadent, ordinary. A bit of everything passes by, but it's great cinema. Time flies. Chazelle succeeds in giving his film an insane panache. The music (and musicianship) is great. The decors are colourful, the way they are depicted is neat. Every now and then I got a Paul Thomas Anderson feeling, but that must have been no more than an inspiration. Definitely enough, Chazelle was able to put its own stamp on Babylon.

After that great opening, the film comes to a halt. Character development must inevitably be done. 3 hours of the same exuberance may never have been feasible, but it doesn't have to be. The pace is reduced, but Babylon remains fascinating. Brad Pitt is excellent, Margot Robbie a tad less so. I don't always find her very convincing in her over-the-top acting. The fact that she is ridiculously beautiful, of course, helps the theme of the film forward.

In the last hour there is already a scene that does not seem to belong in the film - the mafia scene. It's still entertaining in itself, but despite its craziness it feels out of place in a film that is full of craziness - however contradictory that may sound. Afterwards, one quickly finds the focus again and goes out with a bang. A film about film, in a way. Made with passion and quality. Recommended.


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avatar van nathaniel177


  • 544 messages
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The best cinema experience I've had in ages. Wonderful pacing and soundtrack. Especially Voodoo Mama what a good song that is. The many stretched scenes were to enjoy. Such a duality also in the different editing between the scenes. Robbie's dance scene reminded me of the dance scene from Climax. And more reminded me of noe in Babylon. Cinematography is truly magnificent. In terms of structure, the film is very similar to Boogie nights, and Babylon could have gotten rid of the 90s PTA that way. The final scene is the best yet, and will appeal to any movie buff. A big screen with loud sound is a must for the experience that is Babylon.

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avatar van HorrorFan007


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Watched today

A BIG 5.0

Ordinary cinema people don't understand this, but this movie was a beauty.

Robbie and Pit played great!

I also have a thing for tarantino and at times it just felt like a tarantino.

Some people thought it fell apart after the first hour, I thought the character development was good.

And that ending


What a beautiful movie!!!

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