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To Rome with Love (2012)

Comedy | 112 minutes
2,74 514 votes

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Duration: 112 minuten

Country: United States / Italy / Spain

Directed by: Woody Allen

Stars: Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin and Penélope Cruz

IMDb score: 6,3 (90.972)

Releasedate: 20 April 2012

To Rome with Love plot

A story that consists of four character sketches. Retired Jerry and his wife visit Rome to meet their daughter's husband-to-be. Meanwhile, young American architect Jack and his girlfriend are visited by Monica and Jack tries his best not to fall in love with this beautiful lady. At the same time, a young man wants to introduce his new wife to his family, but she gets lost in the city and he must now think of an alternative. And finally, the perfectly normal Leopoldo suddenly becomes world famous from one day to the next and he has no idea how to deal with this.

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avatar van sperwer 27

sperwer 27

  • 341 messages
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(Seen on October 15, 2016)

Mixing stories (4) into a fun movie. It's not given to everyone, but Woody Allen can do it.

Of course you have to love it. Allen is top notch, but not all of the other actors reach that level.

Rome is a wonderful setting for a movie like this.

The best story for me is that of Haley and Michelangelo. The fact that coincidences play a prominent role does not spoil the fun. Coincidences exist and color life.

A movie that makes you laugh is worth its weight in gold. Who said again that a day is not laughed, a day is not lived?

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avatar van FlorisV


  • 1697 messages
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"With age comes wisdom."

"With age comes exhaustion."

Allen could have easily cut half an hour out of the film because the many lesser scenes are at the expense of the better ones (the scenes with chatterbox Ellen Page, the comments by Alec Baldwin and the tenor in the shower on stage).

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avatar van Dievegge


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Woody Allen looked up to Italian directors, and here he has, in a way, become one himself. The camera drives into Rome, looking for recognizable tourist images. It is nice that the Colosseum is also shown from the inside. Italian music is also very well known.

Four stories are intertwined without any overlap. All four are set in the Eternal City, and all have something to do with fame - coincidentally an anagram of Rome. The first and the last story are opposites. The singing undertaker has a talent, but doesn't want to be famous. Roberto Benigni plays someone without talent who lives his fifteen minutes of fame. Penélope Cruz is a local celebrity among the male population, albeit under different names and identities.

The best part is for Ellen Page, who plays an over-enthusiastic pseudo-intellectual. She does name dropping. She raves about famous names and knows a handful of quotes by heart to give the impression that she knows all about it. Alec Baldwin also has a special role as a kind of imagined friend who comments on everything like the cynical version of a Greek choir. Typical are the jokes about Freudian psychology. The comic-erotic stories contain references to the Decamerone. The director wanted to use the title "Bop Cameron", but the producers found that too difficult. Caned Rome also could have.

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