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The Thin Man (1934)

Comedy | 93 minutes
3,49 133 votes

Genre: Comedy / Mystery

Duration: 93 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: W.S. Van Dyke

Stars: William Powell, Myrna Loy and Maureen O'Sullivan

IMDb score: 7,9 (32.746)

Releasedate: 25 May 1934

The Thin Man plot

"A laugh tops every thrilling moment!"

Young Dorothy Wynant approaches amateur detective Nick Charles when her inventor father turns out to be the prime suspect in a murder case. In fact, she is so afraid of her father's guilt that she tries to fool the detective that she is the one to blame. Nick decides to invite all the culprits to dinner to clear things up...

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avatar van The One Ring

The One Ring

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As expected, this is a very enjoyable film indeed, although it is almost entirely due to the scenes in which Powell and Loy are seen together. During these scenes the film is truly magical and the two really interact fantastically and have a special chemistry. Deservedly one of the most appreciated film couples ever. Nice humor also in these scenes.

It is a pity that the film sometimes abandons these two characters. They hardly even occur in the first half hour. They are already introduced here, in a very nice way, but they almost seem like supporting characters. The slightly too confusing plot is indeed a framework for the jokes, but that is why it is such a shame that so much attention is paid to it.

But I don't have much to complain about. It was about the kind of movie I expected and I enjoyed watching it. If the sequels continue along these lines, I will be very satisfied.


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avatar van Mescaline


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The ultimate drinking film. Because a lot of alcohol goes through it.

For me it is the first time I have seen the duo Powell and Loy, but it was a pleasant first introduction. It also helps that I think Myrna Loy is clearly one of the most beautiful actresses of her period, what a nice appearance.

The whodunnit story is nicely made up, but to be honest it was not the reason why I appreciated the film, in fact when the perpetrator was revealed at the end I had to think carefully about who this was again. This is probably mainly due to the pleasant comic duo, which clearly steals the show and made it a pleasant viewing experience for me personally.

This leaves me wanting more, only after watching the film did I discover that there is a whole series of these.
In any case, this first part already gets a big 3.5, curious about the rest!

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avatar van Collins


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People at MGM did not have much confidence in it. People were skeptical about the project. They reluctantly agreed to the production of The Thin Man. Under the motto 'time is money', director WS Van Dyke was expected to shoot The Thin Man in three weeks. It took him two weeks. A performance that earned him the nickname “One-take Woody”. The film unexpectedly became a box office success, received Oscar nominations and even spawned five sequels.

The Thin Man is a successful mix of a screwball comedy and a detective film. A film that sparkles. The main reason for this lies in the perfect playing of the duo that plays the leading roles. William Powell and Myrna Loy made history as a cocktail-drinking couple with too much free time who solved murder mysteries for fun. The story surrounding the mystery in the film is fun but clearly less important than the sparkling relationship between the two protagonists. The interactions between the two are the biggest part of the film's charm.

Loy is Nora Charles. A nice character. A liberal woman who charmingly contradicts the ideals of that time. She is on an equal footing with her husband Nick Charles (played sympathetically but also somewhat smoothly by William Powell), is wonderfully hypocritical and uses pleasant sarcasm to put her husband and others in their place. Although her alcohol consumption does not keep up with that of her husband, it is definitely at a high level. Her relationship with her husband is completely in contrast to the emotional-patriarchal relationships usually depicted in early films. Had Nora Charles been a different type of woman, the film's charm would have been much less great or perhaps even absent.

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