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Fury (1936)

Drama | 92 minutes
3,76 207 votes

Genre: Drama / Filmnoir

Duration: 92 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Fritz Lang

Stars: Sylvia Sidney, Spencer Tracy and Walter Abel

IMDb score: 7,8 (13.694)

Releasedate: 5 June 1936

Fury plot

"Two lovers… victims of mob violence!"

Joe Wilson is an ordinary man trying to earn money to pay for a marriage to Katherine Grant. He is suddenly arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and locked up in a prison in a small village. Convinced that he is guilty, the locals storm the prison.

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avatar van Woland


  • 4168 messages
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Very strong film in the first half, with the lynching as the highlight. But then a bit less with a very long court scene, in which it is all a bit thick and where there are some abrupt character transitions, especially with Joe. Coincidentally, another movie with a leading role by Spencer Tracy, and here too he does well, and another movie with an extensive lawsuit. The film is a sharp indictment against the mob mentality, against mass hysteria, against acting before thinking, and against an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

The story begins as the innocent and unsuspecting Joe is on a journey to find his fiancee, and is stopped somewhere in a small town. On the basis of some empty circumstantial evidence, he is arrested for a local kidnapping. Rumors in the town quickly escalate from "someone's been arrested" to "he's guilty" to "he's the devil himself and that son of a bitch needs to die," and the villagers storm the prison and set it on fire. And that's just the beginning. The villagers, of course, protect each other, sanctimoniously defending their own morality, the sheriff dare not accuse his fellow villagers, but film footage proves the presence of the guilty. But, surprise surprise, Joe has survived the fire, is out for revenge, and hopes to see the villagers on the gallows before he resurfaces. His transition from jovial good guy to vengeful psychopath is a bit abrupt despite the circumstances, as is his sudden return to reason. The speech at the end didn't help either, you could almost say this was a must in Hayes code. Nevertheless, Fury remains very worthwhile. 4.0*

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avatar van Film Pegasus

Film Pegasus (moderator films)

  • 30496 messages
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A film with a fascinating and still topical story. How people already make their judgment based on rumors and are more likely to look for ONE perpetrator than THE perpetrator. And yet the film is not quite in place. Either you turn this into a western (the story certainly lends itself to it), or you work with even more drama, instead of sensation and humour. Apart from Spencer Tracy, the acting is not really spectacular and Tracy has also done better. And yet the film is captivating enough, especially because of the subject. A typical film, of which you know that a remake can be better (or modern interpretation), although that will also be thanks to this film.

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avatar van Movsin


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Initially I thought of a predecessor of "The wrong Man" but it turned out to be much more of a strong film about lynching suspects, which was still very common in the States at the time (especially against non-whites).
Although the popular anger outlined here seems very extreme, the example is used by Fritz Lang to illustrate the wrongfulness and unjustness of this act.
Spencer Tracy is perfect for this role of a good American who ultimately suppresses his revenge so as not to bring more suffering. and it could be argued that "Fury" was the start of Tracy's further, great career.

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