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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Action | 124 minutes

Genre: Action / Adventure

Duration: 124 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Joe Johnston

Stars: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving and Tommy Lee Jones

IMDb score: 6,9 (891.038)

Releasedate: 22 July 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger plot

"When patriots become heroes"

A brave but gentle young soldier named Steve Rogers has to participate in a series of experiments for the US military, the so-called Super Soldier program. But when the experiment ends, they decide to use Steve to improve the image of the US military.

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Jacques Dernier

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avatar van Insignificance


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The usual superhero nonsense. They are generally not good enough, the origin stories are even worse. Look at him thin and small in the beginning, even then he already used a shield. Gosh. You really are treated like a kid in these kinds of movies. Evans has the look of a smooth-skinned potato, his star spangled hero is more fun as a poster boy than as a super soldier and the vibranium disc is a rather silly weapon. Even surrounded by Nazis, it's three times nothing with this patriot.

Boyfriend, wife, enemy (a redhead!) to give it some direction, but as soon as he goes wild, you're presented with one weak, empty and ugly action segment after another. This could have turned into something if they had fully committed way over the top, that big old-timer is by far the best part of the movie, but Marvel, Johnston or whoever prefers to play it safe and then it rolls again like that a unity sausage from the shelf. Better go fondue with someone for two hours.

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avatar van mrklm


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It is 1942 when Steve Rogers [Chris Evans] enlists in the United States Army as a volunteer. At first he is resolutely rejected due to his failing health, but Dr. Erskine [Stanley Tucci] sees more in Steve and gives him the chance to participate in a tough selection process. Ultimately, only one of the participants will participate in a science experiment led by Howard Stark [Dominic Cooper] that should result in the first American super soldier. Despite Colonel Phillips [Tommy Lee Jones]'s struggles, the choice falls on Steve, but his life as a Super Soldier is not what he expected. Until Nazi officer Johann Schmidt [Hugo Weaving] joins the war effort with his own super weapon. Old-fashioned superhero action is patriotic with a wink and a simplistic approach to good and bad. That can be called original by Marvel standards. Next: Captain America - The Winter Soldier.

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avatar van Film Pegasus

Film Pegasus (moderator films)

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After review, the film is still better. I was very annoyed by the typical American chauvinism, even if Captain America himself does not always have blind faith in the great leaders. Newcomers like Peggy Carter and Bucky Barnes are well done and especially Tommy Lee Jones is a nice addition as a supporting role. We have already seen the story of the Nazi who would like to take power from Hitler himself. That may be done again, but it is not original. The Red Skull doesn't really work.

The action is good when Captain America takes matters into his own hands. As a result, there is still enough entertainment, but there are too many boring moments to really make something good out of it.

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