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High Plains Drifter (1973)

Western | 105 minutes
3,56 823 votes

Genre: Western / Thriller

Duration: 105 minuten

Alternative title: De Vreemdeling zonder Naam

Country: United States

Directed by: Clint Eastwood

Stars: Clint Eastwood, Verna Bloom and Marianna Hill

IMDb score: 7,4 (64.757)

Releasedate: 19 April 1973

High Plains Drifter plot

"Welcome to Hell."

A stranger drives from the hot desert into a small town in the Wild West. The people are afraid of him and 3 men try to kill him but are unsuccessful. He decides to stay anyway and rents a room. Meanwhile, a group of outlaws are on their way to exact revenge on the sheriff. The stranger decides to help the people to fight these outlaws.

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Actors and actresses

The Stranger

Sarah Belding

Callie Travers

Morgan Allen

Mayor Jason Hobart

Lewis Belding

Stacey Bridges

Bill Borders

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avatar van Noodless


  • 9242 messages
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Kind of weird that I've never seen this movie. However, Eastwood often manages to charm me both as a director and an actor. I once saw a part of the film because I could remember the red paint that is used in the village. Clint, of course, plays the stranger bent on revenge and forges a plan that is masterfully put together. The villagers who ask for help are scared, sneaky, selfish and some even have a second agenda. Eastwood knows how to play them and pit them against each other. In his memory he has little sympathy for the villagers who once deserted him. However, some characters gradually manage to profile themselves more positively, others, on the other hand, remain in their egocentric attitude and are more concerned with money and power. Eastwood also provides a lot of light-hearted and brutal scenes. The dialogues and his acting are full of sarcastic undertones. And then the actual confrontation has yet to begin. The village on the lake is completely painted in red, which gives a beautiful view. The scene where Eastwood just leaves as the three bandits approach the village is great : the faces of the residents The confrontation is actually short, but powerful. Also a lot of famous faces can be seen in this film , not that I know them by names...but I've seen them before. A very entertaining western with a well constructed story combined with some brutality and black humor. 7.5/10

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avatar van Vidi well

Vidi well

  • 487 messages
  • 620 votes

A special mix of western and horror. Clint Eastwood plays a grim version of the man with no name in this dark film. Alcoholism, murder and rape take place in the first fifteen minutes of the film. By the main character, that sets the tone for this film, in which everyone seems sinful.

No one is a good character in this movie. Everyone has his or her weaknesses. The whole village carries a secret and Eastood is welcomed as a savior, but turns out to be an avenging angel in the end. After committing the last murders on behalf of the city, he walks through the ruined city and it is clear that everyone in this city has paid a high price .

The film has a lot of religious symbolism and puts it on top of it quite thick. The sets look beautiful, the landscapes are beautiful, the music is particularly ominous and Eastwood acts as raw as ever in this hallucinatory western horror about revenge.


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avatar van eRCee


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Hmm, weird that the general clumsiness here in the topic remains completely unnamed. The blood doesn't look like anything, how one dies doesn't look like anything and in fact the sets don't look like anything either. In any case, the film looks ten years older, I'm really surprised that this is from 1973. If you then add that the characters are all annoyingly caricatured, with accompanying stupid dialogues and overacting, then it becomes difficult to take the film as seriously as everyone here apparently does. Paint a handful of houses red and put up a sign with 'hell' must then apparently pass for brilliant, okay. I liked the camera work, even the strongest aspect of High plains drifter, and I also like the music. For example, the opening scene is very enjoyable.

PS. For the two 'bed scenes' that Clint Eastwood put in it, the term toxic masculinity was invented by the way, man man man what a moron.

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