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House of the Dead (2003)

Horror | 90 minutes
1,44 219 votes

Genre: Horror / Action

Duration: 90 minuten

Country: Canada / Germany / United States

Directed by: Uwe Boll

Stars: Jonathan Cherry, Ellie Cornell and Jürgen Prochnow

IMDb score: 2,1 (38.296)

Releasedate: 11 April 2003

House of the Dead plot

"You won't last the night."

A couple of teenagers are on their way to an island rave, but they miss the boat. In the harbor they find a captain and give him enough money so that he can take them to this island called Isla del Morte. But once there, the teens see that all the partygoers have disappeared and they come into contact with deadly zombies. The group must now try to survive and stay out of the hands of these aggressive living dead.

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avatar van Chainsaw


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Hilarious that this infamous House of the Dead was in cinemas at the time. I mean, you can hardly get a more intense 'straight to video' feeling with a movie. It was Uwe Boll's first game film adaptation, which he later became very infamous for. To start positively; House of the Dead is not his worst video game adaptation. Still, that doesn't say much about the quality, because Alone in the Dark or BloodRayne are extremely horrific productions. House is also ridiculous and very bad, but that still makes us laugh every now and then. Laugh at the wooden acting, the dull characters and the hilarious dialogues they spew. Like the beautiful bit of dialogue in which a main character asks the villain: “You created this to become immortal. Why?”, to which the villain replies, “To live forever.”

The rest of the script isn't much better. A pair of one-dimensional lead characters take Jürgen Prochnow's boat - who seems to be mostly ashamed of himself throughout the film - to an island for the world's saddest rave, which takes place during the day and is frequented by a handful of revelers. Then all hell breaks loose and to confirm that it is a game film adaptation, Boll uses flashes of the game throughout the film completely unnecessarily. Probably to make it a bit of fun, because for much of the movie, characters just run from hot to here, from house to port and back again. The film also looks cheap as hell, but certain zombies - for a production of this caliber - still look quite okay. And the very cheesy - and far too long - slow motion part in the action scenes is stupid (and very much The Matrix), but still quite witty. Maybe I've seen too many really bad (zombie) horrors, so I have to conclude that House of the Dead, despite its reputation, is certainly not the worst. But yes, it is bad.

1.5 stars.

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avatar van Fransman


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Proof that even a bad movie is well viewed and generates a lot of commentary. Just about everything in this movie is fake, except maybe Erica Durance's nice tits, and maybe even those. For me the only 'highlight' of the film. And then it's a long one. But the art direction is beautiful. Never seen so many zombies in one movie.

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avatar van Woland


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My first film by Uwe Boll. Yes, I know that this is also known as a low point in an oeuvre that is not particularly highly regarded in any case. And no, this is indeed not good, although it is also not so bad that it really deserves a 2 on IMDb or that Boll is the worst director ever. But still, it's pretty bad.

The most positive thing to report about the film is that there is quite a lot happening. But otherwise this is very little, quite a lot of action and zombies and a lot of clichés. There is also not much plot to experience, a group of 'teenagers' go to an island, and there (with a number of other figures) are attacked by herds of zombies. It's mainly a lot of action scenes with bad actors, with mediocre effects and supported by annoying techno-like music, and where Boll thinks it's a good idea to regularly use slow-motion scenes or switch to game images (I didn't know, but House of the Dead is based on a game). It actually reminded me in everything of The Asylum trying to make an action zombie movie. With my next Boll I'll make sure I've had a little more beer, because I don't take this very well sober.

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