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La Dentellière (1977)

Drama | 107 minutes
3,77 96 votes

Genre: Drama / Romance

Duration: 107 minuten

Alternative title: The Lacemaker

Country: France / Switzerland / West Germany

Directed by: Claude Goretta

Stars: Isabelle Huppert, Yves Beneyton and Florence Giorgetti

IMDb score: 7,5 (2.970)

Releasedate: 25 May 1977


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La Dentellière plot

La Dentellière tells the story of Pomme, a taciturn girl who works in a barbershop in Paris. She goes on holiday by the sea with her colleague and friend Marylène, who is always chasing the men. There she meets a young student with whom she has the time of her life, but the differences between him and her are big.

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avatar van Mug


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Thank you for the warm recommendation and thank you tv5 who has finally also subtitled the classic French-language films in Dutch for a number of months.

Isabelle Huppert impresses (not only because she can be seen naked), the rest of the cast does as well. And that is also necessary because of the easy theme and the slowness and here and there silence (supported by calm classical music) that characterizes the film.

The ending is beautiful, although the effective end-shot trick has already been admired in a handful of other European films.

With my big 4 stars I warmly recommend this film.

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avatar van Ferdydurke


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It is always the question of what it will be like to reunite with a childhood sweetheart after so many years. Is it really something from a past tense, or is the fire rekindled?

So the latter, in this case.

Watching La Dentellière was one of my first serious cinema experiences at the time, and ever since then, whenever Isabelle Huppert comes into the picture, I have to think about this film again and again.
With her portrayal of the introverted and somewhat naive Pomme, she created one of her most memorable film characters early in her career.

Huppert, young as she was then, makes this film, you could almost say, but it is of course Goretta who points the camera here. On which? To an invisible character actually, a film long. Or rather, an oyster, which opens briefly, and then closes again. A bird, which begins to sing hesitantly for a moment, before falling into silence again. That camera and Huppert's performance make this so incredibly effective. The simplicity and modesty of direction and portrayed character go hand in hand with this.

The only thing you can blame Goretta for is that in the end he seems to want to do away with that 'invisibility': that which people will always pass over, that which forms the core of the character. It is a serious blemish in my eyes that François is so explicitly brushed off by his friends. It gives the film something pedantic, and that weakens the drama somewhat.

But there is so much beauty in return that this remains a gem in any case. See the tense openness of Pommes face, as François reads from De Maupassant:

“Just above their heads, in one of the trees that shaded them, the bird was singing.
They kept silent so they wouldn't drive him away.'

Francois eventually can't keep his mouth shut, so to speak. It's no different.

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avatar van Fransman


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In the replay.

The most beautiful film that Isabelle Huppert has made? That wouldn't be fair, because she's done so many wonderful movies. But still, but still.... You're not looking at an actress, but at an 18-year-old girl who has been destroyed. And you see it happen. And you can't do anything. And it will linger in your head for days. God, what a movie. In any case, the most beautiful by Claude Goretta.

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