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Ang-ma-reul Bo-at-da (2010)

Crime | 141 minutes
3,73 1.041 votes

Genre: Crime / Thriller

Duration: 141 minuten

Alternative titles: I Saw the Devil / Akmareul Boatda / 악마를 보았다

Country: South Korea

Directed by: Jee-woon Kim

Starst: Lee Byung-hun, Choi Min-sik and Jeon Kuk-hwan

IMDb score: 7,8 (146.003)

Releasedate: 12 August 2010

Ang-ma-reul Bo-at-da plot

"Abandon all compassion."

Kyeong-Cheol is a dangerous psychopath who kills people for pleasure. This serial killer ends up killing the wrong girl, the daughter of a retired police chief. Her fiancé Su-Hyeon, a highly capable secret agent, decides to go after the killer herself. He promises that he will do everything to get revenge, even if he has to turn himself into a monster.

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Actors and actresses

Kim Soo-hyeon


Squad Chief Jang

Section Chief Oh


Section Chief's Daughter

Nurse Han Song-i

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avatar van wibro


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Well, this one hit me, I must say. Literally and figuratively. Violence at its best as I am used to from Korean films. I used to want to turn around when I saw such very violent scenes as I got to see in this revenge film, but after seeing the horror film Martyrs I took a lot when seeing so much cruelty. At least I no longer turn my head about it. I found the sadistic murder of the woman in the beginning, the murders in that taxi and not to mention the settlement with that psychopath at the end of the film very intense. That kind of ending was to be expected.
But, to make my story short, I at least had a great time with this very intense thriller where the tension was manageable. In any case, the 141 minutes flew by. Not to forget that also visually this is a very beautiful film. The latter is also very important to me.


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avatar van Shadowed


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Still a decent Asian movie. Not my most favorite side of cinema, but it has been proven several times that it can do decent things. Now this isn't exactly the best from that angle, but at least it makes a nice effort.

It is indeed noticeable that the film is a lot harder than the general revenge film. America won't come close to this anytime soon. That's nice about Asia, at least they show some balls and just keep the hard images under your nose. Too bad that Asia also regularly uses theatrical acting to support this. But that's not so bad here, and that's why it works better.

At times very well shot, at times also a bit seedless. In general there is a good, chilly atmosphere that lasts throughout the film. That atmosphere ensures that the 141 minutes remain viewable. The regularly hard images support the fun a bit.

Min-sik is good as a killer. Regularly has crazy moments and knows how to convey a threat. Lee also does it very well as a hero who isn't necessarily a hero. There's no real horror anywhere, except for a few icy images of violence. But the horror is mainly the first and last 10 minutes.

It is sometimes bloody, but no over-the-top splatter violence. Especially hard and cold violence that is regularly reviewed. Everything is also just nicely kept in view, which amplifies the impact a bit. As a result, this film continues to stand out in the genre on a regular basis. I can appreciate it.

Some scenes are shot tight. Especially the stabbing in the taxi was a minor highlight.For the rest, the film continues to entertain and you get through the 141 minutes quite easily. The drama doesn't really catch on, and there are moments when the film ends up feeling a bit too long. But thanks to some chilly and strong images, the film is a hit.

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avatar van Fisico

Fisico (moderator films)

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Pretty hard explicit revenge movie. Reminded me in a number of ways of the series of I Spit on Your Grave (2010) in which the perpetrators also suddenly become prey. Just like in that film, the suffering of the psychopathic serial killer is now viewed with little compassion. Sounds gross, but it's only a movie of course.

There are also some interesting musings about the film. To what extent is the secret agent responsible for what happens as the film progresses? To what extent does he himself become a monster or at least psychopathic in his actions and is the line between him and the serial killer getting thinner and thinner?

So in terms of plot, I thought it was well put together. Not an Oscar-worthy plot, but one to think about for a moment. A bit under the motto “live and let live a little less”. The answer was not long in coming ... Further flashy and well portrayed. Smooth film with a high tension. Excellent editing and a number of atrocities explicitly portrayed. The Achilles tendon was one of them. I couldn't quite place the reason for the envelope with money, however. Nice to have seen!

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