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Kimssi Pyoryugi (2009)

Drama | 116 minutes
3,77 367 votes

Genre: Drama / Romance

Duration: 116 minuten

Alternative titles: Castaway on the Moon / 김씨 표류기

Country: South Korea

Directed by: Hae-jun Lee

Starst: Jung Jae-young, Jung Ryeo-won and Yang Mi-kyung

IMDb score: 8,0 (19.816)

Releasedate: 14 May 2009


Kimssi Pyoryugi plot

"Once in a life time, There comes a moment that you live in HOPE."

A man named Kim jumps into the deep dark waters of the Han River. He wakes up buried under the sand. He realizes that his suicide attempt has failed and that he has simply drifted off to an unknown island in the river. In one of the apartments on the bank there is a girl who has not ventured outside for years. One day she sees the man on the island through her binoculars and becomes intrigued by him. Day after day, his lonely but seemingly contented life awakens her curiosity and forces her to leave her room after so many years.

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avatar van IH88


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Castaway on the Moon

Strong movie. Castaway on the Moon is a film that takes a while to get going, but as soon as the girl (Ryeowon Jung) is introduced, the film turns into a story about two people with big problems, who sometimes help each other in an orthodox way. The problem with the film is that the storyline around the female Kim, who never goes out, is more interesting than the suicidal male Kim. As a result, especially the beginning is a bit boring to watch. It does get better, but Jung remains more engaging and plays a stronger character. The last part, and the last scene, are a very strong closing.

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avatar van Fisico

Fisico (moderator films)

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Castaway on the Moon has been on my watch list for a long time. It's been worth the wait. A rather bizarre film indeed: dramatic on the one hand, but there are also countless humorous and absurd situations available that make the story especially light-hearted. The film is very similar to the American version Cast Away (2000) with Tom Hanks. I have the impression that the way the male Kim tries to survive on the island has been copied.

The concept is absurd and genius at the same time. Away from civilization, but at the same time oh so close. Instead of washed up Fed Ex packages, it's illicit waste here that offers the male Kim a creative way to survive. It was nice to edit to get alternative food instead of those wild mushrooms. No idea how long he was there - it must be close to a year - which makes it strange that he went unnoticed, even for pleasure boats. Not all humor was successful (eg the bird droppings), but it was entertaining.

The female Kim was also an interesting character. She was - as they call it in Japan - a hikikomori, where mainly young people shut themselves off from the outside world and spend months or years in isolation in their room. The fascination and attraction that the woman has for the man is interesting to follow. The result is a warm and subdued film.

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avatar van Filmkriebel


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This has got to be one of the most original movies I've ever seen, and I don't say that often. A tragicomedy that does not shy away from satire. The man and the woman are two same types of characters; hermits who do not find their niche in society. The difference is that the young woman is confined indoors, while the man leads an hikikomori life in the open air, on an island in a city river where he washed ashore after a failed suicide attempt. He manages creatively with what is on the island and finds satisfaction in his way of life. Meanwhile, he is observed from a flat by the young woman with a telephoto lens, who happened to have spotted him.

A connection is made between them in a non-verbal way and it comes through some strong scenes : one of the most intense I found was the man who started eating his self-produced meal, after he received a delivery of his favorite meal. (sent by the young woman) declined; he absolutely wanted to prove that he didn't need society. The emotions in that scene were very strong. Of course, this film is also about unhappy individuals and loneliness, which is becoming a serious problem in some Asian countries. The director remains surprisingly hopeful and treats with a great ending. I'm definitely going to check it out! Also on the brink of reaching our beloved top 250.

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