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Southland Tales (2006)

Comedy | 144 minutes / 160 minutes (Cannes Film Festival 2006)
2,69 479 votes

Genre: Comedy / Scifi

Duration: 144 minuten / 160 minuten (Cannes Film Festival 2006)

Country: United States / Germany / France

Directed by: Richard Kelly

Stars: Seann William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Dwayne Johnson

IMDb score: 5,3 (40.783)

Releasedate: 14 November 2007

Southland Tales plot

"Have a nice apocalypse."

In 2008, Los Angeles experienced a three-day heat wave that culminated in a huge 4th of July celebration. We follow the lives of three people. First up is Boxer Santaros, an actor best known for action movies who suffers from amnesia. Second, there is Krysta Now, a pornographic actress who is working on her own television show. And lastly, there's Roland Taverner, a cop who's kind of screwing himself up.

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Boxer Santaros / Jericho Cane

Roland Taverner / Ronald Taverner

Krysta Kapowski / Krysta Now

Private Pilot Abilene

Madeline Frost-Santaros

Fortunio Balducci

Bart Bookman

Dr. Inga Von Westphalen

Shoshana Kapowski


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avatar van Serpicos


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sin sin sin

I see that Kelly can make movies that I really like, just like Donnie Darko that I still can't get enough of after a few revisions. This Southland Tales could also have been given such a status, at least .. the music and a few great scenes could go along with that, but the rest is seriously lacking.

The story is so vague, you have to put in so much effort to get it, but actually the whole story is pale and flat. No, 'dumb' is the right word in my opinion, as are the characters. I know that was the intent, but honestly I don't think they could do better.

Besides, what kind of movie is this? Comedy, mystery, SF, drama? The film has it all and at the same time succeeds in nothing. It may be that I will appreciate this even more in the future (which I hope), but at the moment I found it mostly bland and a long seat.

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avatar van BBarbie


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Stimulated by the ranking in the top 1000, version 2019, I was curious about this film. He didn't bring me what I expected. It is clear that Richard Kelly wanted to create a spectacular spectacle. He has only partially succeeded in this. The film is spectacular from time to time. In terms of story, however, it is a messy mess that I can't do anything with. So I don't understand the high ranking in the top 1000.

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avatar van flaphead


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Seen a long time ago and then I really couldn't describe or rate it properly, so it ended up in the "revisit" pile. That took so long that I couldn't remember anything about it except for the Killers-Timberlake scene. But actually it hasn't changed much since the review...it's a genuine mindfuck and I'm still not quite sure what I was looking at.

The condition for enjoying the film to some extent is not to take it too seriously. In principle, the film doesn't do that itself (including with an anti-cast), and that's a plus. Not that it's an assembly line of hilarity, but there's a lot of little winks and subtle humor in it, which worked fine for me. The offbeat atmosphere and ditto characters are nice. A special approach with the many on-screen menus and TV images, which visually look fine (which cannot be said of all graphics, but anyway). We just take the sfici starting point.

But above all, Kelly makes it unnecessarily complicated/megalomaniac/exaggerated, whatever you want to call it. Just a bit too much for his work in this case, although the artistic intention is clear. At the bottom of the line for the length fine entertaining, but it is really a crazy print.

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