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Good Boys (2019)

Comedy | 90 minutes
3,15 390 votes

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 90 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Gene Stupnitsky

Stars: Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams

IMDb score: 6,7 (82.032)

Releasedate: 14 August 2019

Good Boys plot

"You Must Be This Tall to See This Movie"

Despite all the warnings not to touch the toy, Max and his two best friends accidentally break a drone after a party. They decide to arrange a replacement. They leave school lessons for what it is and go to the San Fernando Valley where, again, they make bad decisions. Soon, stolen drugs and police become part of their journey.

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avatar van rep_robert


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I enjoyed the whole movie. Although I was still surprised at how young the audience was.

There must have been some parents with their children and thought, what should I do with this now.

The movie is just funny from minute 1. Although it is humor that you have to lie. It really feels "Apatow-ish". The trailer with producer Seth Rogen at the desk just spelled out exactly what to expect from the film. Don't like this? Do skip the movie. It's just a kind of Superbad, but with 12 year olds.

The story revolves around the three cute kids, who call themselves the "Bean Bag Boys . They experience a bizarre day that goes from bad to worse and eventually leads to wise lessons. It involves a lot of sex and drug jokes and of course a lot of swearing. The nice thing about this friendship is that the guys already feel grown up and try to act, but at the same time are so ignorant about everything. The same goes for those popiejopie guys. They take themselves so seriously and think they know everything, but they're actually mostly young and hilarious, which worked really well in the movie.

Sometimes I also noticed that for some jokes you had to be a bit older to understand them, mainly about movie and series references.

I ended up sitting in the chair with a big smile for the entire movie. I enjoyed from start to finish.

This genre just suits me. Just a bunch of kids having a bizarre day and learning from it too.


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avatar van Mescaline


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Little expected, even thought (by the trailer) that Seth Rogen would have a part in the film, but that was clearly not the case.

I was 100% happy with this film, the children play the roles very nicely and clearly with joy in playing! The jokes are also quite daring at times and there were many moments where a large part of the audience started laughing, this reinforces seeing the film in the cinema. Movies like this are enough, it's actually a kind of American Pie with a slightly younger cast, but as uninspired as this may sound, it works!

Maybe I'll catch the film (if it could run for a while) again, it's a great way to fill the time.


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avatar van Shadowed


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This time I liked the film a lot better than when I saw it in the cinema. Maybe because I've seen it with a slightly more sober view now. Then I thought it was a cozy, funny comedy that didn't really stand out. I still think so, but the film manages to hold its own in the core a bit better.

You wouldn't think a comedy produced by adults with adult subjects played by children would really catch on, but nothing could be further from the truth. The three boys are remarkably good at what they have to do. Noon's charisma never ceases to amaze me, clearly stands out above the other guys. That does not alter the fact that Tremblay and Williams are not doing well. They all know how to be surprisingly funny.

Furthermore, it is especially the sometimes cute but especially funny course that can help it as a whole. It's nice that the film always seems to choose a side road and then steps away from it. A red line is there, but the road there is constantly changing with new adventurous events, making the film never a challenge to sit out. And I'd much rather finish a movie that way if there's something to laugh about as well.

Sure, it's all bland, but the kids actually deliver a much better performance than the adult comedies in this context. It even comes across as almost refreshing. Furthermore, it ends with a cute message and you can easily get through the film with the constant adventure and pace. It's nice that a new perspective can work so much better. In any case, we had a pleasant evening.

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