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Family Switch (2023)

Comedy | 106 minutes
2,46 113 votes

Genre: Comedy / Family

Duration: 106 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: McG

Stars: Jennifer Garner, Ed Helms and Emma Myers

IMDb score: 5,6 (24.416)

Releasedate: 30 November 2023


Family Switch plot

"The Walker family is about to change lives. Literally."

The Walker family is a family of five: mother Jess, father Bill, their sixteen-year-old daughter CC, fourteen-year-old son Wyatt, and two-year-old Mia. At the Griffith Park Planetarium, a mysterious event occurs one day that causes the family members to change bodies. At school, Jess and Bill suddenly face bullying, parties and romance, while CC and Wyatt have to act like adults. Meanwhile, the family desperately tries to undo what has catastrophically changed their personalities.

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avatar van mrkos


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Family Switch

Reasonable feel-good film

This was supposed to be a Christmas movie, but it didn't quite feel that way. The story was nice, but not original anymore of course.

A family of 5 has grown apart and is increasingly arguing with each other. There is little understanding for each other. The father would prefer to be his son's age again so that he can go back to school, while the son would prefer to leave secondary school because he is bullied there. The daughter regrets that her mother does not understand her priorities and passions, while the mother regrets that the daughter does not see what she does for her family and the pressure that entails.

One day, a mysterious event occurs that leaves each family member in a different body. Father and son switch bodies, mother and daughter switch bodies and, for fun, the baby and dog. All 4 of them have something important the next day. The father has an important performance with his band, the mother has a presentation at work that might get her a partner, the daughter has a soccer game with scouts in the stands, and the son has an interview to get into Yale. Of course this will never work out

This does produce a few funny scenes, but it also felt over the top at times, especially in the beginning. In the end the family grew closer and we have a happy ending, even with some snow. So it still feels a bit like a Christmas movie.

Could have been better, but I still enjoyed it.

3 stars.

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avatar van BBarbie


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Film about a collective mistaken identity in a family. Not the kind of humor that I can appreciate, because it is too forced for my taste and also very messy. The scenes with the baby and the dog are especially derailing.

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avatar van Noodless


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Oh yes, sometimes it's fun, but on the other hand it's also a lame Christmas movie at certain times, where the theme of switching characters has occurred many times in films. Although I must admit that this does happen to an entire family here, so you have to pay close attention to who says something sometimes. Not bored, but already forgotten tomorrow. 5/10

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