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Benedetta (2021)

Biography | 131 minutes
3,22 382 votes

Genre: Biography / Drama

Duration: 131 minuten

Country: France / Belgium / Netherlands

Directed by: Paul Verhoeven

Stars: Virginie Efira, Daphné Patakia and Charlotte Rampling

IMDb score: 6,7 (25.033)

Releasedate: 9 July 2021

Benedetta plot

Italy, late sixteenth century. The plague, or the Black Death, has caused much death and destruction. A woman named Benedetta Carlini decides to become a novice at a monastery in the village of Pescia, Tuscany. Capable of performing miracles at a young age, her presence has a profound and lasting impact on the rest of the community.

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Sœur Benedetta Carlini

Soeur Felicita, l'abbesse

Alfonso, le Nonce-messager

Alfonso Cecchi

Sœur Christina

Paolo Ricordati

Midea Carlini, la mère de Benedetta

Giuliano Carlini, le père de Benedetta

Soeur Jacopa

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avatar van Film Pegasus

Film Pegasus (moderator films)

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5 years after Elle, Paul Verhoeven is going the other way with his latest film. With Basic Instinct and Showgirls in the 90s, he made erotic films that were ultimately more than the average film in the genre. Even if you didn't like them, they're still in the movie's memory.

You can't just call Benedetta an 'erotic film' with a nun fetish. It is striking in itself that the combination of religion with nudity still causes some controversy even now. The story of the nun - who really existed - is worth telling anyway. Paul Verhoeven exaggerates a bit, but even if you read between the lines, you still see a striking page in history. Her life story is not only that of a forbidden lesbian love, but also of religion versus faith. About the balance of power in the Catholic Church and a community like a monastery. The status that goes with it. And besides the view on a lesbian nun also the way schizophrenia, superstition, astrology, ...

The film is carried by the Belgian actress Virginie Efira in the title role with interesting co-stars such as Daphne Patakia and of course Charlotte Rampling. The result is a captivating film with an especially interesting story. Nice recommendation!

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avatar van Fisico

Fisico (moderator films)

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Atmospheric film by Verhoeven who knows how to express the time period and life in the nunnery well. Controversial yes. There are perhaps three subjects that could be considered.
I think the lesbian sex scenes are quite stylish. Good lighting, good camera work, not too long and not too short. You shouldn't teach Verhoeven something like that, of course!

The dildo of the statue of Mary is funny on one side. It is also a kind of metaphor where faith and atheism meet. Finally, you have the Jesus figure who appears on the scene inappropriately and especially inappropriately for me personally. Those visions were the weakest part of the film. A Jesus figure as some kind of heroic warrior or as adonis? No, I thought it was less successful, both technically and in terms of plot interpretation.

Based on true facts, we can assume that the lady in question has made a very shrewd career. Verhoeven, on the other hand, does not create a judgment and leaves it virtually in the middle of what happened. The plague is a nice thread running through the story.

Great acting performance! In any case of the two beautiful nuns Efira and Patakia, but also of Rampling of whom I normally do not have such a high hat. Nice!

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avatar van hvdriel


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Below deridder and The Philosopher post about the film, in their rating quite divergent (2 versus 4 stars), and I agree with both. Can I make a point on this?

De Ridder convincingly substantiates why the film is a weak version of a bad play, written and directed by an old man who does not seem to have outgrown puberty. The philosopher wholeheartedly agrees, but then in the film exposes ideas and motifs that make sense.

Perhaps a bell is ringing now? Previous films by Paul Verhoeven have often been dismissed as banal exploitation films in which sex and violence form the battlefield of power. Later, however, they acquire a cult status and, on closer inspection - rarely can this expression be used better than here - they nevertheless offer more depth than a first glance betrays.

And so it will happen with this film, Benedetta, the contributions of De Ridder and De philosopher already seem to predict. For now I lean towards De Ridder, but the future will show me that De philosopher was also right.

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