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The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019)

Animation | 106 minutes
2,87 215 votes

Genre: Animation / Action

Duration: 106 minuten

Alternative titles: The Lego Movie 2 / De Lego Film 2

Country: Denmark / Canada / Norway / Australia / United States

Directed by: Mike Mitchell

Stars: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett

IMDb score: 6,6 (75.810)

Releasedate: 6 February 2019

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part plot

"They come in pieces"

The Lego Movie 2 reunites the heroes of Stone Town in an all-new action-adventure to save their beloved city. It's been five years since everything was really great. The inhabitants now face a major new threat: Lego Duplo invaders from outer space, destroying everything faster than they can rebuild. The battle to defeat the invaders and restore harmony to the Lego universe will take Emmet, Lucy, Batman and their friends to distant, unknown worlds, including a strange galaxy where everything is a musical. This will test their courage, creativity and Master Builder skills and reveal just how special they really are.

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Actors and actresses

Emmet Brickowski / Rex Dangervest (voice)

Wyldstyle / Lucy (voice)

Batman (voice)

Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi (voice)

General Mayhem / Sweet Mayhem (voice)

Unikitty / Ultrakatty (voice)

MetalBeard (voice)

Benny (voice)

President Business / Dad

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avatar van wwelover


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The first part really blew me away. And I didn't expect her to match that. But it's just a very entertaining film, a little too much music. Although the songs are entertaining and fun to read that Jon Lajoie wrote them. Of course there are some very nice cameos in it. And happy to hear Richard Ayoade's voice.


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avatar van Macmanus


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Remarkably nice

Was a bit scared of this sequel. The first part already handled playing with Lego well and a sequel didn't really seem necessary. But in the end it adds something. Atmosphere also feels a bit more sincere than many animation films. The actors come a lot from the New York comedy scene and I had the idea that it is all a bit looser because of that. I did feel it.

3.5 stars

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avatar van Shadowed


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Messy sequel.

Not that the first part was great, but at least it was creative in what it did. This film was made very clearly to quickly cash in on the success of part 1. Not only is the film very messy, but it also adds nothing to the series at all and then the lesser scores are justifiable.

The putting together of this film is nothing more than impressive. The construction is strong, there is a lot of creativity in the film and I can imagine that these are the films that encourage children to play more with Lego. Unfortunately, nothing is actually done with the stones. It's just a big bump of fun buildings and creations.

The voice cast isn't too good. It's good that the cast had fun, but everyone mainly voices loud and annoying characters who never want to be fun. Some characters are even downright annoying like Batman. In the previous part, they were prominent characters. In this part they are just there for background filling.

Furthermore, it is a film that edits a lot of clichés in rapid succession, which mainly creates a very restless viewing experience. It all goes very fast, so it quickly feels like a movie that just wants to build and is not interested in a story. It just does everything to look nice and bring in money that way.

Annoying, messy film that looks very nice in terms of creativity. Of course there are typical morals attached to it, but it remains a children's film. However, I think it has just become too easy a film, which is not interested in content and makes it too easy for itself by just going for fun and not quality. It's always sad, but to be expected.

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