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King Kong (2005)

Adventure | 187 minutes / 201 minutes (extended edition)
3,50 4.390 votes

Genre: Adventure / Action

Duration: 187 minuten / 201 minuten (extended edition)

Country: New Zealand / United States / Germany

Directed by: Peter Jackson

Stars: Naomi Watts, Jack Black and Adrien Brody

IMDb score: 7,2 (446.210)

Releasedate: 12 December 2005

King Kong plot

"The eighth wonder of the world."

The 1930s. A group of filmmakers travel to a legendary island to shoot a movie. Once arrived, all the mysterious stories about the island turn out to be true: the island is populated by mysterious natives and many gigantic beasts. Lead actress Ann Darrow becomes the prisoner of one of these beasts: the eight-meter gorilla Kong. The film crew then sets out to rescue her.

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avatar van Thorongil


  • 1502 messages
  • 524 votes

Peter Jackson has done a great job with the Lord Of The Rings trilogy so I thought I'd give the King Kong remake a shot when it aired on TV.
However, it was hugely disappointing. The special effects were pretty good, but the story dragged on. This is in any case not the most suitable film to last 3 hours, the story is too substandard for that.
There were also some very unrealistic scenes. So they walk in that narrow gap between all kinds of immense and dangerous dinosaurs that normally run 2 to 3 times as fast and then more than half manage to make it somehow. Sorry, I sometimes dare to overlook something, but here the film has lost me for good.
And then we have Adrien Brody, I don't know what it is but I can't get rid of that guy and often I think he's just lousy playing.
The movie also reminded me too much of Jurassic Park. An island full of prehistoric life here too and yes, the monster is brought to American city life as a phenomenon, just like the T-rex in The Lost World by a money and sensation-hungry madman.
Above all, it has become an unnecessary, boring film, which just wants to prove once again how much special effects have improved in recent decades.

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avatar van des1


  • 1693 messages
  • 968 votes

Great movie, labor of love. With Jurassic Park like connotations, only better. Also because the story has more substance. Beautiful music too. Naomi Watts is perfectly cast as Kong's frail priced possession. The real show stealer, but that's very personal, is Jack Black as Denham the director. There is always something greasy about his acting, which almost belongs more on stage than in the film.

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avatar van mjk87

mjk87 (moderator films)

  • 13320 messages
  • 3924 votes

Very mediocre. First of all, the length - this film could have easily fit into two hours, which makes it very long-winded. That whole opening piece, but also a lot of the action. Action that is well put together, but becomes extremely boring in the long run and sometimes relies on ugly cgi where it is too often obvious that actors are in front of a green screen. Actors who do their best but get very flat characters that do nothing for me as a viewer, and I then have to watch them for 3 hours. This film still has its moments every now and then, but they are sporadic. 1.5*.

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