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Destry Rides Again (1939)

Western | 94 minutes
3,59 114 votes

Genre: Western / Comedy

Duration: 94 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: George Marshall

Stars: Marlene Dietrich, James Stewart and Mischa Auer

IMDb score: 7,6 (12.667)

Releasedate: 30 November 1939

Destry Rides Again plot

"They make the fighting sinful west blaze into action before your eyes!"

The activity of the town is concentrated in the saloon. After a poker game, in which an entire piece of land is wasted, the sheriff is murdered. The famous Destry is called in to hang the culprit with a tin star but without weapons. The saloon owner Frenchy doesn't leave even him untouched.

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avatar van kos


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I don't usually like humor in these kinds of westerns.

But must say that it is not very annoying here.

I never have much with Dietrich either, but good old Steart is good as always and the story is extremely entertaining.

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avatar van Kiekerjan


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mr. Smith Rides Again. Stewart reappears as the personification of justice and laconically manages to nip all conflicts in the bud. Personally, I find a pacifist in a Western as fitting as pincers on a pig. Fortunately, the good-natured sheriff also shows some signs of aggression and takes action just before the end. However, the story does not leave a lasting impression, partly due to the light-hearted acting and the continuous presence of comic relief. For example, the death of 'Frenchy' is completely minimized by a totally irrelevant running gag at the end. Just like in 'The Blue Angel', Dietrich plays a convincing femme fatale and the interplay with Stewart is not exactly bad. The bad guys, in turn, exude little or no threat and are effectively overshadowed by slapstick and other nonsense. For example, the 'good versus evil' theme does not come into its own. Mediocre.

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avatar van Collins


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After a number of less successful films with Marlene Dietrich, Destry Rides Again is a kind of comeback for the film diva, who went to Hollywood around 1930 with director Joseph von Sternberg and caused a furore in films with stars such as Gary Cooper and Gary Grant. In Destry Rides Again she plays a woman who, with song, dance and her animated presence, helps run the local saloon and lends a hand to the unscrupulous owner in his scams.

James Stewart who plays the other leading role only appears after 20 minutes. In his first western, he doesn't exactly play the gunfighter you expect to see. Instead of a shooting iron, he uses the weapon of the spoken word. He doesn't even carry revolvers. He uses verbal arguments to maintain law and order in the violent town of Bottleneck. It takes some getting used to this version of Stewart, who is anything but taken seriously in the small town. Nice role from Stewart who masks his apparent lack of manliness with a large dose of irony and self-mockery.

The film mainly focuses on the relationship between Stewart and Dietrich. Then again, the interactions between the two are uncivilized sharp. Then civilized spirit again. They are always exciting and enervating. Two strong personalities who provide a lot of liveliness with good acting and pointed dialogues. If the story sometimes veers off to other developments in the town, the liveliness of the film is hardly affected. Interesting and funny secondary characters circle around the duo, grab their moments and provide an entertaining interpretation of the various side plots, in which Stewart also figures prominently.

The unfortunate thing about the film is Dietrich's singing skills. I've never been very fond of that. Fortunately, the number of vocal numbers is not too bad, but those were moments that completely took the schwung out of the film for me. These are serious flaws in an otherwise fine western.

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