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The Killer (2023)

Crime | 118 minutes
3,25 802 votes

Genre: Crime / Thriller

Duration: 118 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: David Fincher

Stars: Michael Fassbender, Tilda Swinton and Kerry O'Malley

IMDb score: 6,7 (173.834)

Releasedate: 25 October 2023


The Killer plot

"Execution is everything."

A lonely man works as a hit man. He works according to plan, shows no remorse and is not held back by his conscience. That is now changing. More and more, the cold man seems to be losing his mind.

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avatar van rep_robert


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Wonderful film that lends itself perfectly to the big screen. I'm glad I didn't watch this at home with all the distractions that resulted. Fincher continuously manages to create a subcutaneous tension with a good soundtrack and a wonderfully slow tempo. The angle of a hitman who follows you step by step from a job to all the consequences that come with it. But every tiny detail that Fassbender's character takes into account in all facets (the job, the escape, the aftermath, etc.) is also fascinating and that, combined with the fact that he is constantly on his guard, also means that as a viewer you are never reassured. and are always prepared for the worst. The eye for detail is something we have seen before with a Fincher, he has also gone all out with the Killer!

Can be seen on Netflix in a few weeks, but if you can go to the cinema for this film, definitely do it! If you are watching this at home. Make sure you put the phone away and let yourself be carried away by this film.

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A huge disappointment…

The film starts with an opening scene of half an hour (!), in which a failed attempt is made to explain to the viewer, in a cold-blooded way, how boring the life of an assassin actually is.

I seriously wonder if any thought has been given to the storyline and the way it is told.

Fassbender doesn't know how to find his niche and certainly doesn't come across as a ruthless killer, but rather as a distracted amateur who actually finds it all quite exciting.

It's a real shame, I had high expectations of Fincher, but this is perhaps the worst film I have seen in this genre. Definitely his worst work yet.

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avatar van Flitskikker


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Fincher has made a lot of good films. Se7en (recently seen again on 35mm), The Social Network, The Game... Unfortunately I cannot add this film to that list.

The film immediately started with the title sequence. It was very fast-paced, so I thought the film might also have a fast pace. That was not the case.

It all looked beautiful, with a pleasant atmosphere. Realistic situations and tricks. Quite an excellent build-up to the failed execution.

But after that it just meandered along without getting exciting, except for one scuffle. It all remained so superficial. And I didn't quite follow exactly how the fork was in the handle.

The main character could almost only be heard through the voice-over, which at a certain point also started to get boring.

Subtitles were translated very well in terms of content. On a technical level, unfortunately, another American template.
Titles are immediately deleted as soon as the actor has finished speaking - sometimes even earlier - so you cannot read them in peace. Very restless rhythm and sometimes strange divisions, where the translation on screen did not correspond to what was said at that moment.

This again shows that a good translation does not make good subtitles. Too bad, because the translation was very good.

Poor 6/10

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