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Tesis (1996)

Thriller | 125 minutes
3,54 614 votes

Genre: Thriller / Horror

Duration: 125 minuten

Country: Spain

Directed by: Alejandro Amenábar

Stars: Ana Torrent, Fele Martínez and Eduardo Noriega

IMDb score: 7,4 (42.381)

Releasedate: 11 April 1996

Tesis plot

"My name is Ángela. They're going to kill me."

At Tesis, the passionate student Angela is looking for additional visual material for her thesis on violence on television. For her work she gets the willing help of the professor Figueroa. He's willing to do some research for lovely Angela at the university video store. The frail young lady is astonished when she finds the relevant teacher lifeless the next day in one of the projection rooms of the campus. The only thing she immediately notices is the presence of a cassette in the video monitor. Before anyone even notices, she takes the videotape home. Angela's life turns into a nerve-wracking nightmare as the tape contains shocking footage of the murder of a former college student.

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avatar van Film Pegasus

Film Pegasus (moderator films)

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Tesis is a modern Hitchcock. A style that many try to emulate, but few are given. Very exciting with a plot that keeps you doubting. A true who don't. And that while the story seems dated. We are 20 years later and video tapes are no longer of this time. The computers are obsolete and with the internet age the story would also have a different approach. But it still doesn't feel dated. Because as a thriller it just works. The figures may be a bit wooden, but the atmosphere is firmly set. Suspicion, pursuits, tension and as a viewer I wondered until the last moment who the perpetrator was. Amenábar continues to convince me surprisingly.

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avatar van tbouwh


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Too bad I just saw Abre les ojos before this movie. Tesis is a promising debut, but everything that Amenábar refined in Abre les ojos and in particular The Others can be a bit sloppy here. become. Consider, for example, the scene in the club/discotheque: in ALO a highlight, here a mediocre snack that is partly ruined by the soundtrack. The acting often leaves a lot to be desired. Amenábar seems to be mainly concerned with developing his own style, more than with the direction of his actors. The Hitchcockian influences are never far away, light and shadow play a major role and 'the' film/filming itself are decisive elements in the plot.

Tesis is a sometimes clinical, sometimes extremely atmospheric thriller, which manages to hold the attention well, especially in the first hour. Later, the predictability plays into the film, and the intriguing theme (the relationship between violence and spectatorship) often fades into the background. Because Tesis lacks the strong layer of (romantic) drama of ALO, the film relies even more on the settlement of motifs, cat and mouse games and the building of suspense. In that light the playing time of +2 hours is just not entirely justified, and the sum of minor flaws brings me to an average score. All this does not alter the fact that Tesis as a debut film makes you curious about the further arts of Amenábar.

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avatar van Collins


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The obsession with the depraved, the perverted and the violent that lurks in every human being is the basis for this film, which is primarily an exciting thriller, but which also provokes self-reflection and discussion in the viewer, especially in the first half. The viewer who uses a double standard. The behavior of the degenerates is repulsive and is viewed with horror, but degenerate sensation also tastes very good and is eagerly consumed. There is no market without an audience. And in the end, the public gets what it wants. Excrescences fascinate and sell well. So much for the moral of the story. On to the movies.

A film about violence. About torture. About snuff movies. I expected a movie full of rough scenes. And that is not the case at all. Director Amenábar hardly uses shock elements. He goes almost full for the suspense. Apart from some brutal images, the plastic lugubrious quality is not too bad. The frightening, the sinister is mainly in the dark atmosphere and in the suspense.

Exciting film. Main character Angela hates violence, but at the same time is so fascinated by it that she is dedicating her thesis to it. The film is close to her skin. Most of it is shown from her perspective. The viewer always knows as much as Angela and is thus forced to go along with her doubts and fears.

A clear movie. With few suspicious characters. And yet never predictable. The viewer is constantly misled. Whenever the question of who is good and who is bad seems answered, a small plot twist or event causes that view to be adjusted again. Leading role Angela becomes paranoid. The viewer too.

Tesis is a nice dark whodunnit and looks nice.

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