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Instakiller (2018)

Thriller | 90 minutes
1,90 24 votes

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 90 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Craig Goldstein

Stars: Kelly Sullivan, Lizze Broadway and Shawn Christian

IMDb score: 4,7 (386)

Releasedate: 8 December 2018

Instakiller plot

Harper, like all other teens, is active on social media on a daily basis. She gets a lot of attention from her internet friends and becomes famous. Layla, Harper's mother, is not happy with her daughter's new status and is concerned. Her instincts prove to be right when Harper comes across a dangerous stalker.

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Harper [Lizze Broadway] uses social media to generate attention for her fashion designs. When she gets gloomy, threatening reactions, she thinks she can ignore them. However, her best friend [Tunisha Hubbard] decides to notify Harper's parents Layla [Kelly Sullivan] and Derek [Shawn Christian]. They immediately intervene, but that does not stop the stalker. Screenwriters Carlee Malemut and Jesenia Ruiz open with a relevant message about taking online stalking seriously and the need for parents to keep a close eye on their children's online behavior, but in the second half they ended up in the quicksand of the exploitation thriller with a melodramatic denouement and a forced happy ending.

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avatar van Noodless


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The course of the story gradually becomes more laughable. You already know who the perpetrator is from the beginning of the film, so there is no tension at all. But the way in which the perpetrator is allowed to do his thing and how the denouement drags on defies all imagination and is simply ridiculous. Certain characters can no longer be seen after a while, e.g. her boyfriend and Russ. At a certain moment the mother knows who it is, she comes to her husband who was knocked down by the perpetrator and then she asks who did this. And so there are some faint effects. 3/10

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Ebenezer Scrooge

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With such an adolescent title you already know in advance what kind of film you have in the tub.

That filter too, how ugly. Of that hazy light, diffused? What is that again, diffused light? Just look up...

Diffuse light ~ light scattered in all directions.

Well, at least that dreamy, slutty light you saw a lot in the 1970s. But absolutely nothing special or anything, irritating even, as if you're watching TV with sunlight shining on it.

You could have conjured up a nice whodunit à la Scream from the story, that was also tried, but completely failed, because the stupid script itself ensures that you can cross off a lot of possible perpetrators on your list.

In the end 2 boys remain and it is not that difficult to estimate which of the two. That was already clear in minute 5.

For example, a surprising plot twist would have been if the mother had done it, jealous of her Insta daughter with 100,000 followers, a kind of stepmother / snow white idea.

An African-American girlfriend who pops in every now and then.

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