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Alex Cross (2012)

Thriller | 101 minutes
2,72 602 votes

Genre: Thriller / Crime

Duration: 101 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Rob Cohen

Stars: Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox and Rachel Nichols

IMDb score: 5,2 (35.490)

Releasedate: 18 October 2012

Alex Cross plot

"Don't Ever Cross Alex Cross"

Detective and psychologist Alex Cross investigates the gruesome murders of hit man Michael Sullivan, nicknamed 'The Butcher'. A mastermind among the serial killers, he always manages to evade Cross while also taking him to an ethical breaking point, both as a cop and a father. But then Cross discovers evidence pointing to the unpredictable, a revelation that could change everything...

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avatar van IH88


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Alex Cross

Disappointing thriller. Alex Cross actually has everything it takes to be an exciting and suspenseful thriller, but the script is bad, illogical and messy. The film jumps from scratch and the characters do the strangest things. The role of Jean Reno in particular is laughably poorly developed.

Perry is solid as Alex Cross, but does not leave a lasting impression and does not have enough in his march to be a 'leading man'. Burns, Ejogo, Tyson and Nichols are all decent but can't do much with such poorly developed roles. Fox is the only one who really convinced as a maniacal bad guy. But the rest is very mediocre.

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avatar van Shadowed


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Cohen never quite manages to deliver a really good film anyway. For entertainment you are always at the right place with him, but as a director he is unfortunately not too much. Alex Cross is an attempt to get some talent rolling, but it often just doesn't happen.

Nice to see Perry in a serious role. Normally I often see him in Madea roles and that's why it's all the more fun that he can also play normal roles. He does quite well, but is exchangeable for the rest. But his character isn't really written well enough to make it interesting either.

Also the killer, played by Fox, really lacks that charm to be a memorable character. He has his brutal deeds, but it is mainly told about those deeds and little is shown. Fox itself is also too little in the picture, so you can never really warm up to him.

Visually there are nice pictures. Nice shots here and there, but all a bit lifeless. The pace is absent, the story that is interspersed with quiet crime/drama and thriller does not go well either. It never really wants to get fully engaging.

Sometimes downright ugly CGI and little material that really tries to make the film special. It is mainly a very normal detective film that never manages to get very interesting. Some decent action scenes in between and decent acting by Perry and Fox. But then you have had most of it again unfortunately.

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avatar van AniSter


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Immediately after the first two parts with Freeman as Cross I watched this third part. I had already seen on Alex Cross (film series) - Wikipedia about this series that I should prepare for something less. Unfortunately this is correct. Now I can say a lot about this, but many have already done that who have gone before me. I just have one comment: this movie definitely doesn't belong in that series. Left4Dead: no, this was far from enjoyable.

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