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4 Mosche di Velluto Grigio (1971)

Mystery | 104 minutes
3,34 92 votes

Genre: Mystery / Horror

Duration: 104 minuten

Alternative titles: Four Flies on Grey Velvet / 4 Flies on Grey Velvet / Quatre Mouches de Velours Gris / Het Mysterie van de 4 Vliegen / Four Patches of Grey Velvet / Quattro Mosche di Velluto Grigio / 4 Mouches de Velours Gris

Country: Italy / France

Directed by: Dario Argento

Stars: Michael Brandon, Mimsy Farmer and Jean-Pierre Marielle

IMDb score: 6,5 (9.596)

Releasedate: 17 December 1971


This movie is not available on US streaming services.


4 Mosche di Velluto Grigio plot

"When the flies start to crawl, so will your flesh..."

Roberto, the drummer of a rock group, regularly receives strange phone calls and is constantly chased by a strange man. He tries to address the man, but the conversation turns into a scuffle and Roberto stabs the man to death. The next day, Roberto finds an envelope in his mailbox with photos showing him stabbing the man.

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avatar van wendyvortex


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Second part of the animal trilogy (Bird, Flies, Cat) and also the least of the three. This is due to the humor, the less captivating soundtrack and visuals. Also a little less suspense. On the other hand, of the three the craziest, here we go a lot past Hitchcock, we even overtake DePalma on the left and thus join Lamberto Bava, Lucio Fulci and the later Argentos.

Strangely enough, also an Argento that you have to pay a reasonable amount of money for, a lot of other work is quite cheap and easy to find on DVD.

Some scenes were initially cut and have now been added again, the perpetrator is again impossible to guess, the entire cast is once again suspicious and as an extra bonus a nice role for our old video friend Bud Spencer.

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avatar van wibro


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This second film by Argento was still missing from my list of films by this well-known director of stylish horror films. I didn't disappoint with this movie either. Great cinematography, nice soundtrack. Scenes that stood out for me included the park and the closet scene that increased the tension to a climax.
The acting might have been better but voilá. However, I found the motive for the murders to be a clear negative point. The murderess chased her boyfriend (that drummer) just because he looked like her father? It just doesn't get any more absurd than that. Too bad because this unbelievable scene prevents me from giving this film a high rating. The last scene just before the credits, on the other hand, was good.


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avatar van Bobbejaantje


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An early film by the man who pushed a genre (giallo) to its commercial breakthrough. Also called the third part of his animal trilogy. Contains quite exciting pieces. Dario is/was a master in this compared to some of his contemporaries.

As in many of his films, the plot harkens back to a childhood trauma of one of the characters. The psychology is never very nuanced but always 'in your face' and therefore comes across as too crude to be very credible. But that doesn't really matter and you could even see it as a style characteristic of these types of films. Just like the great soundtracks that usually accompany these films. In this case one by maestro Morricone. During this production there was a conflict between Morricone and Argento which led to a rift that lasted several decades. Argento apparently wanted something different than Morricone, but in his later films he was able to be helped by the heroes of Goblin. But as far as I'm concerned, there's absolutely nothing to criticize about this vintage seventies Morricone with experimental touches, prog rock moments and moments of great beauty.

As is often the case in these films, the acting is unengaged and distant. I also see that more and more as a style characteristic. The giallo is a world in itself and that's nice.

The camera work and editing by Argento and co is top notch. The highlight is the memorable finale, brilliantly supervised by Ennio. This is a very good and classic giallo.

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