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Tourist Trap (1979)

Horror | 90 minutes
2,93 97 votes

Genre: Horror

Duration: 90 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: David Schmoeller

Stars: Chuck Connors, Jocelyn Jones and Jon Van Ness

IMDb score: 6,1 (12.961)

Releasedate: 16 March 1979

Tourist Trap plot

"Every year young people disappear."

A group of teenagers search for a missing friend. When their car breaks down, they get help from the friendly Mr. Slausen who takes them to his brother's doll museum. Soon the teens are chased by a psychopath, who uses his supernatural powers to bring the mannequins to life.

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avatar van dutchtuga


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Striking Hillbilly slasher, which starts very strong, but completely collapses in the second half. Unbelievable why the film has to go on for so long when the punch line is given away so early. What we see until then is very atmospheric and bizarre, but the tension and mystery quickly disappear.


Longer review:

[url=http://www.cultmoviesreviewed.com/2012/02/tourist-trap-1979-david-schmoeller.html]Cult Movies Reviewed: The Tourist Trap (1979, David Schmoeller) - review - cultmoviesreviewed.com[/ url]

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avatar van VanRippestein


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Quite original for a slasher (for a slasher, that is). The puppets are very cool and you recognize the hand of the director and producer of puppetmaster from that approach. The low body count and little gore is compensated with atmospheric scenes with the mannequins. Somewhere the film lacks some mystery because you immediately know who the killer is, but it still pretends that there is a twist. The bad guy's endless bullshit also makes it less exciting as the story progresses. And I personally found the soundtrack, which is experienced positively by some here, as far too emphatic and generic. Nevertheless, this is an exciting and original film that thoroughly entertained me.

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avatar van Bobbejaantje


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Excels in a surreal atmosphere with the creepy mannequins and bizarre events. It is also exciting thanks to a good structure and some really creepy scenes. It is an independent production made by Compass International Pictures, which previously hit the nail on the head withHalloween. Despite the low budget, a lot of attention is paid to the setting and lighting, and with effect. For a number of members of the production it was their first steps in the film world (including the director), but they managed it very well. The team also included several sons of famous filmmakers (sons of William Wyler and Josef von Sternberg) learning the trade. Richard A. Burns was also involved in the art direction, who already had experience through outright classics The Hills have Eyes and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The latter is certainly one of the sources of inspiration for this Tourist Trap. Besides Psycho.

The acting performances are somewhat what you would expect from these types of films from that era. Good enough for me. Chuck Connors stands out with his leading role. He also fits into the list of 'name actors' who have to give credibility to a 'horror film'. This tactic was also used in, among others, Halloween (with Donald Pleasance) and the first Friday the 13th (Betsy Palmer). In this case, $50,000 of the total budget of $350,000 was spent on Connors' salary.

For me, the result is absolutely stunning. Watched at night and that helps too. Little gem.

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