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The Night Flier (1997)

Horror | 93 minutes
2,80 408 votes

Genre: Horror

Duration: 93 minuten

Alternative title: Stephen King's The Night Flier

Country: United States / Italy

Directed by: Mark Pavia

Stars: Miguel Ferrer, Julie Entwisle and Dan Monahan

IMDb score: 6,0 (12.154)

Releasedate: 30 April 1997


This movie is not available on US streaming services.


The Night Flier plot

"Evil Has a Flight Plan."

The rivalry between Richard Dees and Katherine Blair, two reporters for the sensational magazine 'Inside View', heats up when their publisher gives them a juicy assignment. A mysterious pilot who lands at small and deserted airports is said to feast on the blood of local residents during nighttime massacres. In his private jet, Dees follows the bloody trail of this modern vampire. He pressures witnesses to reveal the most gruesome details, printing the most distasteful photos he can find. But Blair also does not hesitate to find out the truth. Fate will lend her a nice hand in this.

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avatar van frolunda


  • 1106 messages
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Recently found it for 1 euro at a flea market. Had seen it before and I liked it even better now. Nice, typical King/New England atmosphere (although not the whole story takes place there), the fairly original story twist of vampire in flying machine and Miguel Ferrer who again plays a similar nice blunt role as we were used to in Twin Peaks. All ingredients that raise Night flier a lot above the level of the average B-Horror film. Maybe enough for a cult status ?

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avatar van Chainsaw


  • 8580 messages
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Such horror. Miguel Ferrer is one of those actors who can play a purebred asshole, but who we care about anyway. Or at least we think it's good enough to follow, because you usually see types like Ferrer in a supporting role. He carries the film well, but that he is the best actor in The Night Flier doesn't say much, the rest of the actors are pretty scanty. Film looks like a TV movie, but the gore of KNB is not bad. However, don't expect a crass horror party, the film takes a lot of time to build up and is more focused on suspense and mystery. In that respect I thought it was strange that the word vampire is mentioned all over the promotion, because the film treats it as a secret, which is slowly being worked on. Completely strange that the poster here shows the headline of The Night Flier in scents and colors, while the film is already completely mysterious about that. The Night Flier is a typical middle bracket, both for vampire films and on the list of film adaptations by Stephen King. Funny enough, the third act often disappoints with King, while the climax is the highlight here.

3 stars.

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avatar van Lovelyboy


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...flew in from Derry...

Read? Yes, of course. Expected a lot? No. Good? Also not. Entertaining? Yes indeed. You don't start with a film like this with high expectations and certainly on the condition that you like King stories and I certainly do the latter with a shelf of the bookcase filled with no less than 28 books by the relevant author. And even though it all seemed a little familiar to me, I can't say for sure that I've ever seen the film before.

Sewer magazine journalist takes on a job following a serial killer who carries out massacres at remote airports, unaware of just how much he is putting his own life at risk. This ill-mannered gentleman already has a record for the poor, who doesn't like making friends and goes very far for his sensational story and photos. He ignores messages that indicate that he should keep his distance in his sigh to unmask the culprit. Beautifully a kind of sinister mystery is being worked on in which Dees in particular is searching for what it all means.

Apart from the fact that the whole thing has a kind of TV movie vibe, there is a nice atmosphere, Ferrer is fine as a bastard and the soundtrack has nice moments. Nice one is worked towards an apotheosis in which Renfield shows his true face after which the whole gets a double ending. It is of course far from super, but the whole has enough color and character to entertain better than the overall score would suggest. That's why it's funny for once and especially manageable in terms of playing time.

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