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The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013)

Horror | 100 minutes
2,56 295 votes

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Duration: 100 minuten

Alternative title: The Haunting in Georgia

Country: United States

Directed by: Tom Elkins

Stars: Chad Michael Murray, Katee Sackhoff and Abigail Spencer

IMDb score: 5,3 (18.311)

Releasedate: 1 February 2013

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia plot

"Based on a true story"

Shortly after moving into their ideal new home, a couple becomes concerned about their young daughter. She begins to see mysterious strangers that no one else can see. The couple's fear only really kicks in when they themselves observe terrifying phenomena in and around the house. The apparitions provide clues that may reveal a long-kept secret.

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avatar van Decec


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A mediocre horror/thriller/mystery film...

Not so exciting story...

Horror is not my thing...

Decent acting...

Great background sound/music

(Dolby Digital)...

Reasonable HD quality widescreen, sometimes noise...

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avatar van sinterklaas


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If this part focuses on Georgia... Then why is it still called The Haunting in Connecticut 2? The states are separated by several hundred kilometers.

A bit of a similar movie to part 1... and many other haunted house movies. A family moving into a house in Georgia... The visions that come... Imaginary persons with that girl... The final conclusion... We know it by now.

And yet this ghost epic has also been able to entertain me. I actually found the Georgia location much more interesting and atmospheric than that bourgeois Connecticut... The swampy atmosphere... The woods... and the editing is nice and soggy and dark. The ghosts look typical... Well, really just another entertaining ghost thriller.

Too bad about the (cheesy) happy ending... Already had part 1.


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avatar van Shadowed


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No improvement over part 1.

Part 1 was not very special, but had many scares. Among other things, this part is known as the film with the most scares. As a horror fan I give the film does of course have a chance, only, just like part 1, the film has almost no tension build-up.

This movie passes even more clichés than part 1. Especially the cliché where the child sees ghosts (whether the mother sees them too or not for a while) is now used so often that it is just annoying. Lind is doing well though. That she acts very well done is left out for a while because acting like that at such an age is pretty good.

Horror is once again in abundance, with a lot of scare moments that follow each other in rapid succession. But at some point it just doesn't work anymore because the predictability is so high at some point it just starts to get boring.

However, the horror is sometimes well executed. When there is a bit of tension building, the scares work better and the trick where the ghosts are in the dark or in the corner still has its charms. However, the horror remains too predictable and it is almost funny that you know exactly that there will be a scare that is quite similar to the scare that was 3 minutes before.

The final also lacks some tension, but good. The film as a whole is less strong than part 1, but has some scenes that are much stronger than part 1. Certainly the last scenes where the ghosts find rest is remarkably good. It is a nice whole so, but so overloaded with scary moments without any build-up that it eventually starts to get boring.

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