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The Bridges of Madison County (1995)

Drama | 135 minutes
3,63 800 votes

Genre: Drama / Romance

Duration: 135 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Clint Eastwood

Stars: Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep and Annie Corley

IMDb score: 7,6 (86.446)

Releasedate: 28 May 1995

The Bridges of Madison County plot

"The path of Francesca Johnson's future seems destined due to an unexpected fork in the road..."

Photographer Robert Kincaid asks for directions to the farm of housewife Francesca Johnson, whose husband and children are not present. Francesca keeps details of the four-day romance in a diary, which is found by her children after her death.

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Full Cast & Crew

Actors and actresses

Robert Kincaid

Francesca Johnson

Caroline Johnson

Michael Johnson

Richard Johnson

Caroline as a young girl

Michael as a young boy

Lawyer Peterson

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avatar van Proeneke


  • 195 messages
  • 194 votes

Seen several times and not able to keep dry every time, completely devastated .

Can't help it. Beautiful.

I always think like this: if men weren't allowed to cry, they wouldn't have lacrimal glands.

But when I see this movie, mine go into 'overdrive'

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avatar van blurp194


  • 4136 messages
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Clint does romance.

I must have skipped this movie at the time because of Meryl Streep - especially in combination with romance. Not quite as bad as a family drama, but very close. But it's not too bad, it turns out - there was one scene where I thought she was overacting a bit, but it wasn't the whole movie, and it didn't annoy me too much. Tip for Clint the director, who keeps his affairs well under control. And besides that, he puts on a phenomenal role - maybe a tad more stereotypically masculine than we're starting to get used to, but it's set in the 60s or so. And so are the mores by which Streep lives her life, her choices make somewhat of that time. What doesn't work so well is the hassle with the flashbacks, and the kids don't play well either - especially my son. But luckily they also get little screen time.

Otherwise just a stereotypical Clint film in everything - solid craftsmanship, well played, tight direction, not very surprising and somewhat on the safe side. But if it produces such a fine film, that is not a criticism. On the contrary.

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avatar van Vidi well

Vidi well

  • 455 messages
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My girlfriend came up with this film and I've just stroked my heart. Because the plot didn't really get me excited. But come on, let's give it a shot.

The story is a frame story in which the nu-scenes are really pretty bad. A number of relatives are cleaning up their deceased mother's house and discover that she has had an affair in the past. They both also struggle with relationship problems, but they are so poorly developed that we don't empathize with these characters at all. The man in particular does not act convincingly, and these scenes added little to the story, except that they offer a glimpse into the romantic past.

The second act, in which the romance blossoms, was really too sweet for me. Beautiful images, and some nice scenes, but it's all very perfect. The fact that the editing constantly uses ugly fades didn't make it any better. Fortunately, Streep and Eastwood act brilliantly, so it's easy to empathize with their love.

Finally, there is the third act, which takes the film to a higher level in the nick of time. Especially the scene where she tends to her sick husband in bed, and he understands he couldn't give it all, struck a chord. The scene in the car at the traffic lights is also beautifully captured. As a result, I was eventually moved to watch, where hours before I was still irritated by the endlessly romantic scenes and the clichéd characters.


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