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Sleepers (1996)

Crime / Drama | 147 minutes
3,72 2.273 votes

Genre: Crime / Drama

Duration: 147 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Barry Levinson

Stars: Kevin Bacon, Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman

IMDb score: 7,5 (224.202)

Releasedate: 18 October 1996

Sleepers plot

"When friendship runs deeper than blood"

The New York working-class neighborhood Hell's Kitchen 1966. The youngsters Shakes, Michael, John and Tommy are engaged in petty theft. But one day they accidentally almost kill a man. Since the man does not die and he recovers from his injuries in the hospital, the boys get off with a "mild punishment". They are arrested and end up in a youth home for one year. There they are sexually and psychologically abused by some guards, including Sean Nokes. Ten years later, Tommy and John see him again in a bar and get their revenge. Michael has since become a very influential attorney and Shakes a journalist. They decide to help John and Tommy.

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avatar van knusse stoel

knusse stoel

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What a wonderful movie!

Dustin Hoffman as the wonderfully imperturbable (drunk) lawyer and one of my favorite actors.

The story flows like a train and is wonderfully put together. I'm talking about the "revenge" taken on a bunch of men hired to supervise and educate children as honorable citizens. It would be better if they were (re)educated themselves, but that aside.

The "gentlemen" take care of the topics in this film, which are torture, oppression and pedophilia.

From this comes a murder of one of these perpetrators and the trial of the suspected killers. These would be out for revenge and therefore committed their act.

The acting is believable and on a level, the story is gripping and exciting and the duration of the film is nothing too much to show everything properly.

Again, a wonderful movie!

An 8!

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avatar van JDSsmetje


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Under narrative guidance, filmmaker Levinson immediately introduces his characters and immerses the viewer in the New York neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen. It doesn't take much effort to get caught up in the story and get in touch with the petty criminals. Of course it helps that there is strong acting, especially by the boys.

In the second part, the characters have matured. Levinson mainly makes the mistake of reintroducing it insufficiently and taking too little time to explain the chemistry again. In this way, the viewer feels slightly alienated and is somewhat released. The central theme of the film, close and eternal friendship, is therefore less apparent. This is problematic because Sleepers must above all be immersive because of the touching friendship that the four and the priest share. With Brad Pitt and Jason Patric, you don't even feel like you're looking at the same people at all.

Very soon Levinson finds himself in court, a sequence that he stretches quite a long way to eventually have De Niro come up as a witness bringing with him a so-called 'proven alibi'. That's handled a little too easy and somewhat implausible.

You can also question the fact that the film so easily legitimizes, almost glorifies such revenge attacks. As if the American justice system should be exchanged for justice in the streets...

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avatar van AGE-411


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What a top cast in a movie that is a mix between a crime movie and a court movie. At first, that combination seems successful, but unfortunately I was left hungry at the end. There's something in it for Father Bobby's statement. I was actually curious how they would solve this genius. Sorry.
But apart from this I still miss 'something' at the end that is present in every other good court film. You know it: the hairs on your arm stand up after a disclosure or after an intervention by one of the lawyers. I didn't have that here: it flows nicely to the end.

The start is rock solid. The boys who are doomed to grow up to be rascals, the abuse in the asylum and to some extent in the events of 1981.

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