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Herman Vermoordt Mensen (2021)

Crime | 88 minutes
3,28 136 votes

Genre: Crime

Duration: 88 minuten

Country: Netherlands

Directed by: Joost Reijmers and Thomas van der Ree

Stars: Aus Greidanus, Fockeline Ouwerkerk and Melody Klaver

IMDb score: 6,9 (431)

Releasedate: 29 September 2021


This movie is not available on US streaming services.


Herman Vermoordt Mensen plot

The downtrodden alcoholic Herman needs professional help, and he never gets it. He decides that he should go to jail so that he will be taken care of there. He kills a local criminal but when he then tries to confess to the police, nobody believes him. Herman goes in search of a second victim. How far does he have to go to end up in jail?

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avatar van blurp194


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i am who i am. and I am very happy with that.

Herman was a motivation coach, and continues effortlessly while he is supposedly put out of action with a serious drinking problem in a retirement home. With the help of his sweet daughter, who helps a little here and there to shovel the worst dirt under the carpet. Nicely played, with a nice cast of the leading roles. And Gerda, who has the most beautiful line of the entire film - but, unlike the 'data intermediary' - seriously, wtf is that - you don't get the title role with that. It's just a DTV.

And I also have to say that all the criticism of the government has been a bit too mediagenic in fashion with the wrong people lately. The government makes mistakes, sure - we all do. But the best helmsmen are ashore, and it's all too easy to shout like the well-known helmsmen how things should be done if you don't bear any responsibility for this yourself. Just for the link to reality, healthcare expenditures are increasing year on year. That this does not mean that everything will get better is obvious.

Greidanus portrays a perfect old man - although I have to swallow at the amount of booze he swallows, and how many bottles are in his room is completely poetic given that his dear daughter comes to clean every free moment. But that doesn't detract from how beautiful he is in his role. UnDutch well played, and pleasantly surprising - if I look through his list on the imdb, he could have caught my eye sooner. Well now anyway. I had seen Ouderkerk before in a role that made an impression, and that fell a bit less on this, to be honest - and the same for Klaver, actually. That leaves the somewhat anonymous Gerda - not a very big role, but the way in which she pronounces the title in her beautiful accent, well, she can get some prize from me for that.

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avatar van ZAP!


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Drama, comedy, crime, a lot of nonsense and finally a failed mess.. Fortunately it remained a bit watchable because of vrnmlk's acting. the protagonists and (after a shaky start) some nice attempts to make it into a story. Unfortunately, it was decided to send the daughter the same way as dad...

The suicide is a daring ending for a KRO-NCRV film, but fortunately the 113 number was added as a kind of credits - which one never does after a random episode of e.g. the Bauertjes or any other depressing TV family, is a mystery to me, but okay.

I think 1.5* is enough.

Ps: the whole thing with the care indication seemed more like word games where Herman and daughter didn't get exactly what they wanted each time (which reminds me of the statement : 'the task of the government is to accommodate the citizen as little as possible' - which I think should fully stimulate the self-reliance of the citizen). More of a gimmick than it actually taught me. In itself not a problem with a feature film, there are probably documentaries, etc. where more can be achieved in that respect.

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avatar van AniSter


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Enjoyed watching this movie. At least for the first hour, after that the plot and execution slumped a bit. The climax was even predictable. As for the nursing home; there were many recognizable situations in this. A lot of attention has also been paid to certain details. I was able to experience this myself up close, often no fun, but in this film I could laugh about it. The plot was captivating, delivered by a fine cast. Nice movie.

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