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Katakuri-ke no Kôfuku (2001)

Comedy | 113 minutes
3,38 123 votes

Genre: Comedy / Horror

Duration: 113 minuten

Alternative titles: The Happiness of The Katakuris / カタクリ家の幸福

Country: Japan

Directed by: Takashi Miike

Stars: Kenji Sawada, Naomi Nishida and Keiko Matsuzaka

IMDb score: 6,9 (10.047)

Releasedate: 23 February 2002

Katakuri-ke no Kôfuku plot

"Love. Music. Horror. Volcanos. Cinema was never meant to be like this!"

The Japanese Katakuri family manages a boarding house somewhere in the mountains, singing and dancing. The guest house doesn't exactly attract many guests, but 'together we will get through it' is the family motto. Love, respect and togetherness everywhere. Yet the very first guest of the guest house is dead on the carpet the next morning and the following guests will not leave their room alive either. To uphold the reputation of the guesthouse, the Katakuris bury the bodies in the forest.

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Full Cast & Crew

Actors and actresses

Masao Katakuri

Terue Katakuri

Masayuki Katakuri

Shizue Katakuri

Richado Sagawa

Granpa Jinpei Katakuri

TV Reporter / Singer

Yurie Katakuri

Father of the Poor Family

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avatar van Black Math

Black Math

  • 5390 messages
  • 1735 votes

Separate film again from Miike. Truly a bizarre mix of clay-motion, musical and weirdness. The songs in particular are so overly bad that it becomes funny again, and it looks like it's on purpose. The humor is variable, sometimes it doesn't catch on at all, but it is also often unexpectedly bone dry.

I did have a lot of trouble getting through the film, because the pace often stops, and it contains the typical boring parts for Miike in between the craziness. Nevertheless, I'm glad that these kinds of movies are also being made, because you certainly experience some beautiful wtf moments. 2.5*.

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avatar van Onderhond


  • 87261 messages
  • 12057 votes

Very nice review.

With those old Miike's it's always a bit of a wait and see how they fall, but this one was almost more fun than the first times I saw it. The film has survived remarkably well, not very surprising given the strange combination of elements and styles that you get served here.

Black comedy, musical scenes and claymation, the latter mainly because Miike wanted to reduce the budget a bit and could therefore work out certain scenes more easily with clay. It's those kinds of creative solutions that have given Miike his image.

Furthermore, the musical scenes are very comical, the film is also full of crazy Miike keys and the 113 minutes are packed with funny details. Didn't bore me at all with this one, it would be nice if Miike could let himself go again, like he could do it a little easier with his older films.

4.0* and a extensive review

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avatar van Shadowed


  • 8772 messages
  • 5482 votes

Not my kind of film, although the stop motion opening seriously surprised me. After that, however, Miike still chooses the "real" images. I wouldn't be surprised if he had ventured into stop motion for an entire film, after all, that man does everything. However, "everything" he does is not my thing, as other projects often show. This movie is a lot weirder and more bombastic than most Miike movies, but I thought it was all shabby and limited. Especially a lot of annoying characters next to each other. Making everyone scream louder and act moronic doesn't make me a fun character at all. In addition, very little really catches on in general. Not the numbers, not the characters, certainly not the stylization. As a result, the film was regularly quite a long sit for me, but one with some creative side tracks and positively outstanding scenes. Miike can really deliver more than decent films for me, but this is not one of them.

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